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  1. the point now is if i make it statice ip adress can i see the app from another place ?
  2. can you see this vedio i take it for the settings http://www.smmms.net/p/2.mp4
  3. why don't you try with team viewer sir ? and you can see all settings from my laptop plz
  4. i try with direct ip works good from another wifi net work also not work
  5. can any one contact me with team viewer to see the setting of the router
  6. idid but also not connect this time pic from dvr http://www.smmms.net/p/444.jpg i'm from saudi arabia asia
  7. if i diconect wifi from mobile how can i see the app ?
  8. yes the site shoe the dvr on http://www.smmms.net/p/222.png
  9. mobile app give me cannot conect to network
  10. hello sir i did what you say but in ddns ipolis server name = product ip = amrgad quick connect - use give me failed to find a router
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