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  1. Believe it or not, I’ve seen a ‘new’ flier today in the local electrical wholesaler - a ‘security fitter’ is advertising this exact panel, same keypad, 4 xPIR & bell box fitted at a decent £ price !! looks like it’s not ready for the museum just yet ...!?
  2. Gents, once again you guys have helped me restore the system. I’ve finally managed to step back out of the state panel was in & Re-set [code, 8, engineer code] and it’s back into Day Mode. not entirely sure why / how this happened, but thanks for steering me into the right direction.
  3. Logan - I have tried re-setting and it’s not gone as expected or come out of prog mode (which is where I think it is) so ideally need to work out what state panel is currently in & walk back. See pic of main panel below (any instructions to Re-set very welcome)
  4. sixwheeledbeast- currently, yes tamper still open. I’ve not been able to ‘step back’
  5. Al Yeti - correct !! Following the incident, I intentionally triggered a tamper, in the hope to access the main menu. Didn’t work though....
  6. Hello all. It’s been a while, my Honeywell SL compact has gone a bit mental again. PIR was triggered in an outbuilding and in an attempt to silence it, we seem to have slipped into programming mode (i think) and for the life of me cannot get out of this mode. Please if anyone is familiar with this system - and can assist in walking me out of the current state back into Day mode....? I would be forever great full.....
  7. PSE - actually i did follow your suggestions, but on walk test I discovered the problematic zone was actually Zone 4. I had been troubleshooting Zone 3 originally - it transpires my engineer had written it up wrong on the panel... Oops....
  8. UPDATE I finally managed to get Honeywell Tech support to speak with me. We went through some investigations in prog mode. Discovered the problematic zone was programmed as 'Key Switch' now its disabled from this function it is behaving normally again. (( I don't know what the function of 'Key Switch' is normally - can anyone tell me? )) During diagnostics I also discovered 2 further zone programming errors, Zones 2&3 were Entry (should be alarm) and Zones 5&6 were inhibit (should be alarm). All reprogrammed correctly now. Thank you to forum
  9. To confirm the above, I've PART SET the system. Approached PIR 3 (should not be active in the part set) and the speaker started to chirp, as if entry activated. I switched off at panel. Also in DAY MODE this PIR behaves in exact same fashion. PSE - I've followed your instruction to identify attribute for Zone 3. Led 1. was illuminated. According to your key, this is security ? I think I need an engineer familiar and knowledgable with this panel to reprogram my system. Unless I can get Honeywell to provide telephone support and talk me through
  10. Al-yeti I'm hoping someone here will be able to instruct me... lets see in the mean time I will continue to omit that zone in all instances. andy - now you ask I will need to walk test it to remind myself exactly what it does. Had so much noise from the thing the last few weeks I'm not entirely sure anymore. i think from memory, wether the system is FULL SET, PART SET or in DAY mode, if you approach this particular PIR the panel begins to beep asking for the code (similar to when setting the alarm on exit or entry) however no one is ready to react at the panel so we alm
  11. I have a Honeywell Optima alarm panel, with seperate Led Keypad. One morning in the early hours my son (half asleep) mistakenly identified the kitchen clock radio blaring as an alarm activation. During his attempt to shut down the alarm (which was not even sounding - actually the kitchen radio was sounding) he entered programming mode and has inadvertently affected the alarm settings. Now PIR no3 is permanently on alert. This PIR is located on upstairs landing. Whenever anyone passes in front of this PIR the alarm immediately activates. Even if the system is in
  12. Hi C. ((satsuma01))

    I have a pressing Enquriy in ref to the installation & upgrade you recently carried out for me.


    i've been unable to get hold of you on the mobile number I have - Please call / text me or DM message here as soon as possible. 


    Thanks, Dan.

  13. UPDATE:: just thought I'd update those of you that took interest in my post. Since posting this topic not only have I been very pleased with the insight and feedback from the trade ((thanks to all that posted and took the time to DM)) I have also been successful in sourcing an engineer to carry out my work. After being offered a number of options from several trade members, I opted for a hardwired solution. 2 sensor installation into my garage (no door contact) cables fed ultra discreetly, new repositioned sensor in the kitchen and GSM dialler plumbed up. The engineer I went with came back the
  14. my number if you want to.call to discuss xxxxx Looks as though I just missed that number..! Oww! Satsuma01 please Direct or PM to me with your contact number. Same to James / or anyone else that is able to help in my area.
  15. hi its satsuma hope you get this 07475071344 re alarm pir additional to system

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