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  1. Thats a good suggestion. Thanks for that. Got to go and get post tomorrow so should have fuses then . Hopefully the fuse will fix this..,
  2. If any one who has had experience of this problem please reply. What i believe has happened is when the alarm was in engineer mode and i touched the red wire of the pir to some thing when i was taking the wires back out of the pr it blew the fuse which is for the power supply to the wired and the wirelss sensors and the pr and door contacts. In doing so it set the bell box off for 30 minutes. The key pad went dead. Today the key pad is working so am assuming its getting its power on a battery back up. Engineer code works So upon entering the engineer code the bell box has stopped flashing and has no lights so assuming before it was on it battery back up. The key pad is saying bell box tamper and zex 8 tamper I can only assume until i get a new fuse that this fuse protects the controls of the power supply to the above parts of the alarm ?? Any one know? When i decorate another room in the future is it always best to take this fuse out or will it set the outside siren off??
  3. hi all . Any ideas on this. have isolated the pir . seperatly taped up red and black wires to it. and have joined tamper wires together and taped up and zone wires together and taped up. key pad is working in engineer mode as got the code. issue now is it is coming up with a internal alarm saying: bell box tamper fault. Then saying zex 8 tamper check !!! the bell box is not flashing and no lights . am i correct in assuming it because this 1amp fuse is blown in the panel ? the second fuse in the panel i am waiting to get. what else can it be? does this fuse control the pir. Door sensors and bell box ? Any one know??
  4. Thanks for that information. As soon as i get the fuses i one in and try it. Hopefully it wont have defaulted to another code as i wouldnt know what that would be. I am just assuming the bottom fuse in the picture is the fuse for the illumanation of the key pad? As it says on the board key.....? And the one that has blown controls the door and pir sensors and key pad????
  5. Thanks for that information. Strange this. Have just come home now off shift and i have noticed that the key pad is illumanted and saying unset. It was off yesterday. Very odd. However it is saying 2nd january 7.31 time. I have tried putting my security code in in but it doesnt respond. Would i be correct in assuming it will not fully work until i replace the one amp fuse that has blown Then i will just have to change the time and date . Dont know why its saying this date etc or why it has now come back to partial life as was dead yesterday.... Please see picture of what fuse is blown. Its the middle one. Was thinking that the bottom might have blown as thought that looks after key pad but it was ok upon removal and checking..
  6. My only concern now is a neighbour told me before i remove the fuses to check them to switch off the power to the alarm at the fuse box and disconnect the battery back up first. This i did. Power was off to alarm for about 30 mins. My concern is i might have lost all the settings to the alarm when i put the blown fuse back in? Hopefully not. If i have it will all need reprogramming . Would this be the case??
  7. Well not gone off last night. Power to alarm i have left on . Cable was too short so couldnt bag it. Order some fuses from rs components and a few spares of correct grade. Hopefully it wont go off .
  8. I never knew there are 3 different types of 1amp fuse. Slow speed Fast speed and delayed Carnt just fit a 1amp fuse from halfords . The fuse says 1amp speed F. 20mm glass fuse. Going to get some 2amp speed T And some 250ma speed F fuses as well. Is it likely that the siren will go off again until i get a new fuse?????
  9. Hi. Had a bit of chew in with this. Put alarm in to engineer mode. Then disconnected the wiring to the pir in room . Managed to touch the red wire to some thing when pulling cables back out of pir. It set the outside siren off saying tamper 8x on the keyboard. Outside bell box went off for about 30 minutes. Had a look inside control panel . 1amp fuse is blown , other two fuses the 250mill amp and the 2amp are ok. Went back in the house and now have noticed the keypad is dead. Went to try and get a 1amp fuse . No chance on a sunday.... My question is is the siren likely to go off again or not ? It hast for last 6 hours but thinking it might just be charging up then will go off? I have individualy taped the 5 wires up from the pir . Nothing i can do tonight Apprently there are varous speeds of 1amp fuse. . From F to T version . So will go to electrical factors tomorrow if i get chance with blown one . Just hope alarm wont go off tonight. Alot to be said about bagging the sensors . Well to late now. Think will be ok??
  10. Hi. Alarm is a risco cpx 8l I have been told by my plaster that he needs the keypad removing from a wall that needs replastering. Can any one tell me the best way to do this. Am i correct in assuming i just have to enter the engineer code on the key pad first then i can diconnect it from the back . Then when i am ready to reconnect it connect it back from the back and then take alarm out of engineer mode? Thankd all...
  11. Hi. Just wanting some information on best way to temporary remove a wired room motion sensor . Need to remove it for plastering work . Am i correct in thinking its a straight forward matter of putting alarm in to engineer mode Then carefully disconnect each wire in turn .and tape them up seperatly and then when finnished reconnect and then put alarm out of engineer mode? Or do i need to take out a fuse in the panel to stop shortages first? Any help appreciated .
  12. I will try my best to resolve it if i carnt i will have the old system taken out. If its a simple mess about with a setting on the panel it can be fixed if its hardware old **** tech issue causing a code L alarm then i take the stuff out. Going round in circles here. Any one who install or knows this panel have a look at the readings i have stated and advise how to change the settings. If you dont know i get it and the consensus on this forum risco and eurosec are not great. I sort that if i need to. You dont need to comment further. Thanks all
  13. what do you suggest i hit with a glass hammer or some thing more substantial like my alter ego ? lol
  14. Small shed zone 95 - 56% Large shed zone. 96 - 56% POOR ?
  15. Before i start looking in to changing reciever noise etc the original set notes written in the manual say: Reciever noise 13% Zone RSSI Back door. Zone 91 - 64% Patio door zone 92 - 80% Landing window zone 93 - 80% Bathroom window zone 94 - 80% Small shed zone 95 - 56% Large shed zone. 96 - 56% so if these settings are poor or ok and i can leave it well alone .............?
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