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  1. @wompkin @danbarker What is journalism? Is this?

  2. @W_H_I_R_L_Y Good work. Not seen a higher limit myself. Tedious. Cut them off and see if they call...?

  3. @guywalters @OPCW It's made from Hitler, and they don't want to make things awkward for you.

  4. @spattzzz Gdpr gives three reasons to keep data: legal, legitimate and marketing. Tx data is legal requirement: 6y… https://t.co/b4erZwcWvY

  5. @SarahTyner2 Impressive. But the art of tupperware is not how many you can put in, but how many you can take out.

  6. @hooperdave @alexbirtwisle Freeze the rest of the pack for tomorrow.

  7. @danbarker @GrantCardone Yikes. Nasty is a great word for it. Racist or just repugnant? Nose sniff at 0:19 says it all.

  8. @guywalters Wait until you get to apres-ski.

  9. @DrYew That's the cover sorted.

  10. @guywalters How many of us really never say anything that we wouldn't want read out in court?

  11. @spattzzz https://t.co/mpXGi6yHLF

  12. @spattzzz I declined the 5-rib. ;-)

  13. @guywalters The accent?

  14. @danbarker Crime stats come from the crime survey as well as reported crimes.

  15. @cloakedsev Ah. The festival of lights.


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