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  1. Holy cow only read the first page before posting.
  2. Some good answers here! Fair play if you want to give it a go on your own, wish you the best of luck. But agreeing with ElecTech asking such basic questions almost seems like you've barely looked into it. I haven't had as much experience as most people on here but still have come across tons of people who have tried various ways of starting up. Almost all have failed. The ones who haven't only haven't due the people they no, who've managed to get them bread and butter work. Even now there barely breaking even. It's always nice to think about yourself starting up because you always think you could do so much better but it's such a big risk which will almost certainly end up going wrong. Guess it depends too on how much you wanna make, earning yourself a nice wedge or getting the big bucks. But wish you the best of luck. I'd much rather keep learning, be the best I can be, own a house or 2 and go on a couple of nice holidays a year keeping the Mrs happy.
  3. Sure the cat5 from the camera isn't wired into a patch panel and not a switch? Does the patch cable to the DVR turn into BNC?
  4. Cameras - good DVR - ok Lifespan of kit - awful Think Adata are using rebranded Hik now
  5. Someone upload and let's see what happens :L
  6. Someone every couple months comes on here and asks for a RSS download, yet nobody seems to want to share, fair enough. Don't see why Honeywell don't make it available to download from there webby, not like you can do rr or anything on it.
  7. It's licenced though isn't it?
  8. Bummer! Had an older version of install and just used the patches...
  9. Anyone got RSS installed on windows 10? Can't find compatible version of sql which runs on win10 (64bit) and one that the install sees!
  10. They'll need long arms! .
  11. I regularly cry when fitting theses, don't think I've set one up without having issues and there never the same issues!
  12. Brilliant thanks a lot guys
  13. Hey guys, Anyone know what PTZ this is? Need a direct replacement (or near enough) Thanks
  14. Dewalt 10.8v set for everyday use, Very very rarely need to get my 18v out. There always go sub £100 at screwfix so worth a look. You can also by accessories for then, I've got the dab radio, touch and sub charger that all run off the 10.8v battery.
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