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  1. Hi All I'm after some advice, a customer has a alarm on there workshop which is about 60 meters away from the main building. there is no link between the workshop alarm and the main building alarm but they want the workshop alarm monitoring via the emizon module in the main building. The issue I have is it is not possible to run a cable from the workshop to the main building so i was looking for some way to setup a wireless link where i can wire the workshop alarm into a transmitter which would trigger a relay in the main building. Has anyone seen or have a link to a d
  2. thanks anyway. i was told this site was meant to be very helpfull by a friend.
  3. my friend wants to do the same and he had a galaxy tho has a galaxy!
  4. digicom its a texecom prem panel with a com2400
  5. hello. do any of you kno if there is a prepay service for alarm monitoring? i want to monitor my house alarm but what it done via an ARC. is there a prepay service where i can pay them with out having to use a security company?
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