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  1. My certificate says 'Cam-bridge' I went to a very posh uni!
  2. 1) Employing 3 people to check faults. They do more than just checking faults. They do a lot of Pre-configure stuff and activate licences and build CCTV systems and etc 2) Hey my hourly rate more bout £15-£20 a hour!!!
  3. They do test them and about 3 guys who check the boards and if there poor standards they return to supplier and charge the supplier for the 'Sub Standard Item' however It does not matter as we can't be putting our waste in customer bins as its not company policy and if council catches us doing it I know they come down hard. If you qualify you would of got a letter and visit from a team with our number on it. Pay me 150k and I move plus Home Move Costs + Buy me a new house.
  4. I never knew that with RAC, I knew AA as my pal is an AA Recovery Guy. He says there told if somebody at roadside to pull up and ask if they need help and if they say yes. He got to say "I can help you but I need you to join the AA"
  5. I actully would not as I enjoy what I do up here, I enjoy the customers and my patch and I start at 8.30am and finished most days around 5pm Yea so I got told by one BG engineer. Might be he was just being big headed but seems a British Gas as there thieving wee B*******
  6. My company has several pricing lists - Depending on loads and different pricing for different contracts too. For example if you want £5 lock you need to pre-book appointment and you get told what your appointment normally 6 weeks away and Qualify for it. For a normal lock swap you you need pay about £45-70 depending on lock. The On Call Lieu time is treated like flexi time. - On my 28days you need to take away 5 days over xmas and new year as business is shut, Bank Holidays and Public Holidays. As work puts them all together. Its about £10-20 commission depending on lock and its just like our Sales guys going out to signing up somebody with a new system. They get a % of that alarm and servicing job. I get Commission if I sign somebody up on a service agreement or if I book them for more work or replace something. I also get commission if they take out a service agreement on heating and electrical protection. I can go into a business and fix there alarm and they ask about CCTV, If my colleagues can successfully get CCTV installed and Serviced I get a commission of that sale or even better example was a Family just moved into house and they simply asked if I know anyone who can service boilers. 'Well our company does that, Why don't I get somebody to phone you about it' Why should you not get a commission for helping a customer. Our company is strict on selling as any items broken we had to replace must come back to the depot and they check it. Its quite common, I know people will replace stuff not needed replaced but our company is strict on it as they test anything which we replace is checked and people do get pulled in about it. You know BritishGas Heating Engineers mostly work for themselves like a franchise and get big commissions on items sold on faults and etc. (So I been told)
  7. Yep, Whats wrong with that? I worked for a company where you were on call every 3 weeks.
  8. Its a rota system so normally it be every 7th or 8th week. To be honest we don't often get called out thou. Most we get call out for is Locksmith services which we get a £20 commission for fitting a new lock!
  9. You got a cut, Get window Lean! Of course i taking a Pee take!
  10. Yea we get 28 days holiday entitlement a year. You also get a Pension, Discounts from loads of shops, great pay, birthdays off and etc.
  11. A lot guys store them up and use them for Summer Holidays and December Holidays or sick days as you need work for company for 2 years before they give you paid sick days!
  12. I don't understand your caramel joke? We do get a day in lieu which is good!
  13. Yes we do it for a few places, Very popular with Petrol Stations There loads options to can have displayed on screen but it also records loads of stuff on a CSV file which can be downloaded. System we use is called CCTV Link, Made by oracle Micros.
  14. Same sort of thing we do but I use just some Window lean!
  15. Correct its £8.50+£2.50 for getting a shout. Our on call rate has not increased inline with our wage increases buts our call out stuff currently in process on getting reviewed and changed in next 6months. (Companies our size takes ages to change policies)
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