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  1. mate you don't have to do it on the non dimension panels. Just program a fob as group 7 and you can use it any keypad by default, but the dimension panels with option 69, you have to assign the alarm group function as described above
  2. I don't know if there's a software problem or not but I do know of a solution. If you're using a keyprox to set, for example, area 7 you need to go to 69=access control 1=max 3=max parameters select keprox address 4=groups 1=alarm group set it to group 7 and it will work I've had the same problem and the above works on G3-96 and G3-520 For multiple groups or group choice, as long as you set the alarm group to one of the groups you're setting from that keyprox, it wil work. BTW, hello again everyone...long time, no see!
  3. Ah, a Telecom....was it the 680? Bellman will know. Fire, PA and ambulance keys under a plastic flap on the keypad. Had some fun with those
  4. That's ageist. Anyway, you seem to manage alright.....some days
  5. you watched them then! and you're no better Hope you cleaned it up
  6. Brian c

    SL Compact

    I think you may be referring to the 'NVM'? Engineering information (including manuals) is only available to trade members of this site. If you are not in the trade I would recommend you get a professional installer to service and reprogram your system fo you.
  7. It does sound as though your panel has reverted to factory settings when the power was off. This will be due to faulty or disconnected backup battery. I would recommend you get an engineer to reprogram it and check it all out for you, as programming information is not given out on the public forums. Click on the 'installers' link at the top of the page to find someone near you.
  8. You will need to fill in an application form and meet the criteria set out here.
  9. Yes, feel free to send it to me or anyone else who has replied. I think that would be better, I/we will then post it in the trade section.
  10. Can you scan and send one of us a copy of the manual? This would help enormously.
  11. Sep 2nd, eh? You must be very busy installing those premiers! Happy Birthday. anyway :
  12. Ok, that's your remote keypad. you will have a main control panel somewhere in your house. look in your large cupboards/wardrobes, under the stairs, cellar/garage (maybe even loft), etc. for a large cream (same colour as sides of keypad) plastic box with 1 screw in the middle, right hand side....thats your control panel! Find the battery and replace with the same kind.
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