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  1. Hi and welcome That wouldn't be CPS by any chance?
  2. mate you don't have to do it on the non dimension panels. Just program a fob as group 7 and you can use it any keypad by default, but the dimension panels with option 69, you have to assign the alarm group function as described above
  3. I don't know if there's a software problem or not but I do know of a solution. If you're using a keyprox to set, for example, area 7 you need to go to 69=access control 1=max 3=max parameters select keprox address 4=groups 1=alarm group set it to group 7 and it will work I've had the same problem and the above works on G3-96 and G3-520 For multiple groups or group choice, as long as you set the alarm group to one of the groups you're setting from that keyprox, it wil work. BTW, hello again everyone...long time, no see!
  4. commoned the negs and dissed the pos, i presume? does the eol rio still have power?
  5. You should have the EOL, but it being missing is more likely to cause data problems rather than a total loss. Are they smart or boxed rio's? Why did you restart the panel? did you go in and out of engineer again? I'd put the EOL in, re-check my connections and power and addresses. Could also try swapping the rios that dont work for ones on the line that do to check for faulty rios.
  6. Job's still going....... Contact Darren 07884 444 417
  7. Agreed, it must be something at the RVRC. If it rings your mobile and adpro, then by process of elimination....it must be them!
  8. I've been asked to post a vacancy for one, maybe two Service Engineers to be based in the Manchester/North West area. The vacancy is with Crime Prevention Services Mainly working with remote video transmission systems and IAS, but fire and access experience also helpful. Please contact Darren for more information darrenlane@preventcrime.co.uk
  9. I've had the 24V DeWalt for nearly 2 years and can't fault it. Recently used both batteries on site with no mains and had to use the equivalent Bosch 24V. The 5.5m holes seemed to take twice as long to drill, it just didn't have the power that the DeWalt did. I've never had a problem with it...it rips through everything I've thrown at it.
  10. Thats right connect them in series with connector block You would be correct!
  11. The connections to your control panel are in red
  12. There is no standard colour coding. Each installer could use a different method and quite a few do. I also think it would be best for installers not to disclose their coding here.
  13. looks a good image, but there would seem to be lots of light about, the shawdows cast by the trees the glare on the dark cars bonnet? did you take a lux reading? QFA. There must be a fair bit of light about for 1. the shadows to be cast and 2. the camera not switching to B&W. Sure you have your time/date setup right?
  14. Sorry, but we do not encourage sale of trade equipment to the public.
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