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  1. Hi Everyone, Just an update to this issue in case anyone is interested. After the suggestion that it might be water ingress into the cable, I decided to monitor the situation with this in mind. We had a period of about three weeks with very little rain(no really, we did!) and during that time there were no faults. Then, last Wednesday, we had some pretty heavy rainfall all day and sure enough, that night the alarm triggered three times. I went in on the Friday and replaced the cable with an external grade one and so far, despite plenty of rain there have been no more false alarms. I'll monitor it for a while longer and report back either way but in the meantime, thanks for all your input it was much appreciated.
  2. Yeah, james.Wilson I did mean shorted out, joined together at one end. So if that's too high I guess it's a new cable. I should have got the outdoor cable in the first place, the building the Rio is in was an 'on the day' addition to the original spec, so I used what I had on the van. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for your time everyone.
  3. Yeah I guess you're right al-yeti. That's going to take some planning though so I think I'll swap the Rio as soon as it comes and hope that solves it. If not I'll do the cable. Thanks again guys.
  4. Haha, I make you right on that Galaxyguy. How would I go about testing it? I've 'belled it out' and put my meter on it and it's coming back at under 1k ohm. Does that sound about right for the distance?
  5. I'm pretty sure it's 6 core cca james.wilson. In what way do you think it might be a cable problem mate?
  6. I did think that al-yeti. It's about a 50m run but it's hidden along the backs of fencing, under a driveway, across a roof, you know the sort of thing. I did swap to two spare cores in the cable in case one of the others were damaged, (did this on my first visit) but to no avail. I've ordered a new Rio now. I'll swap that out and see what happens. In the mean time, I'll still entertain any fresh ideas that anyone comes up with. Thanks for all your help everyone, I'll let you know what happens.
  7. Ah, ok, that makes sense. I checked the power supply at the same time and it was reading 12.3-12.6. It fluctuated between those two. It was the same when it was in communication and when not. Certainly no faults at the keypads or anywhere else that I can see. Is this pointing toward a dodgy Rio do you think?
  8. Hi Galaxyguy, Thanks for your input. I just went to check the things you said and low and behold, I caught it in the act. The comm's had dropped to 000% and the LED in the Rio had started flashing the 'lost communication' code. I checked the voltage across the DO - DI terminals and I was getting 5-6v. I thought that was low but then the unit re-established comm's and the voltage didn't change. Do you know what voltage I should be getting? It's the same output at the main board too.
  9. Ok that's fine. No modem in use, it uses an external dialler so here it is: 17:58 Full set 00:27 +Missing Rio 102 00:28 -Missing Rio 102 00:29 +Missing Rio 102 00:29 -Missing Rio 102 00:57 Rearm G_ _ _ 01:04 +Missing Rio 102 01:04 -Missing Rio 102 01:04 +Missing Rio 102 01:34 Rearm G_ _ _ 05:57 -Missing Rio 102 05:58 +Missing Rio 102 06:00 -Missing Rio 102 06:28 Rearm G_ _ _ 07:40 Unset Hope that helps.
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply james.wilson. When you say a copy of the log, do you want me to list it out or is there some way I can get it off the system? There's no ethernet connection so I don't think I can download it.
  11. Hi everyone, First time I've posted so not really sure what I'm doing. I have a galaxy 2-44 that I fitted about two years ago. It's been no trouble up until about a month ago when user said that when he set it, it told him that RIO102 was missing. He bypassed it to set the alarm. By the time I got to have a look at at, everything was fine. I checked the cables, voltage, zone resistance etc but I could find nothing wrong. Last week it dropped out in the middle of the night and the dialler called the key holder. Again, no fault could be found when I looked at it. Last night it dropped out 3 times. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what could be causing this. Faulty expander? If anyone can shed a little light on this I would be most grateful.
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