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  1. Thanks PeterJames - much appreciated. Might be useful as a few of the people that have contacted me in the past regarding Scotland mostly do Intruder & CCTV. Appreciate your recommendation.
  2. HI Everyone, We have a client moving into a new office in Edinburgh. Any recommendations for a good company that could help? The system is Lenel but we will do the commissioning and set up remotely. Also, for future service, we have remote technical support so you don't need to know Lenel. Look forward to any offers of interest. Cheers, Jason
  3. Hi Rob, That's great - could you PM me your details and we'll have a chat tomorrow? Thanks, Jason
  4. Hi Whistle, Thanks for reaching out. Feel free to PM me your details and we'll schedule a short call tomorrow to share some more details and next steps.
  5. Hi Everyone, I work with a Client in the South East and they have some locations up in the North where there is a project to upgrade the following systems: - Access Control - CCTV - Intruder Alarm They are good contacts so I don't want to force them to pay for margin on margin so would like to introduce them to a good firm(s) that will look after them directly. Rochdale Chorley Bradford Glasgow If you know of any companies that can install / support the following areas, feel free to get in touch and I'll put in a recommendation: Many thanks ps. Obviously we don't get anything out of this other than goodwill so want to make sure we introduce them to the right people.
  6. I have no idea what sort of test actually....??? By your answer @al-yeti, i guess that it's not a common request for security cabling?
  7. On a related note, has anyone ever been requested to do "integrity testing" following first fix? I know it is something that data people do but we don't tend to do it and really only figure it out once we start terminating the equipment - which i guess, could be too late. What are common practices when it comes to testing cables?
  8. We generally price for the projects as a package 1st fix / 2nd fix and commissioning. But you are right about the relationships on site. Just wanted to know what the normal protocol was. Might just flag it up that it happened and we sorted it out. Yep - i hear ya!
  9. On a recent project our Engineers were pulled up for a few issues regarding their cabling: 1. With cable laid in underfloor voids, they didn't use the data matts that were provided 2. They didn't clip their cables to the slab 3. They ran cabling over ductwork, not underneath it. To be fair, it was work done by our 1st fix sub-contractors, rather than our Engineers. However it is actually up to our Team to show the subbies the standards and check that everyone installs to this standard. We are going to put a 1st fix guide together with pictures to show our Teams in future what we expect. Silly question (as i'm not an Engineer), but where do I go to find out about best practice and regulations around running cables for security systems? Thanks.
  10. I'm sure you've all probably had this before. You go to site, complete 1st fix. By the time you return to do 2nd fix, you find cables cut. I'm pretty sure it was by accident but if you are working for a fit-out / electrical contractor, what is the correct course of action. Normally we just report it to the site supervisor and end up re-running the cable at our cost. But should we be more forceful and insist they pay? Is there a particular form to fill out? Would be great to get your thoughts.
  11. Hi Everyone, We have a vacancy at the moment for a permanent Project Manager in London. We have been fortunate to have been awarded some very interesting projects with a strong pipeline still to come. Feel free to PM me or post a reply with your interest and I will PM you. Thanks. ps. If you are not yet an experienced PM but have supervisory experience, we would still be interested in talking to you. pps. There is a referral fee of £500 for any candidate who successfully passes probation, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, this might be a good sweetener
  12. Hi Chalky, We aren't at the moment in London but I know a firm based in Ireland who is. Would you like an introduction? They're looking for subbies in London at the moment and we don't have the bandwidth for it. We are looking for recommendations for Newcastle / Leeds / Sheffield - both service and install, so if you know anyone, feel free to message me. J
  13. Nice Norman! We should get you to write our job adverts Thanks guys! ps. Yes, the trial days are just a pre-screening exercise - they are prescreening us as much as we are them. pps. What does everyone think about it being suitable for an Engineer who wants to come off tools? Have any of your companies ever taken an Engineer out of the field and done this? Experiences?
  14. ahhh..thanks Datadiffusion! Good point - didn't read it like that - so thanks for the tip I'd be lying if I said we were the perfect company with systems in place and a clear procedure for everything, but I know that we are definitely trying hard to do things better. What we wanted to get across was that it's a very agile environment and both Clients and Engineers have certain demands and sometimes those demands aren't predictable so we need to react/respond in the best way possible. (Having been a client myself, I know what it's like on both sides of the fence - our clients have bosses too...) If you look at old trading floors where brokers are screaming and shouting at each other - to a lay-person like me, it would be easy to assume there is utter chaos, system is badly run with no management in place and definitely no one with a crystal ball to predict what is happening next. Experienced traders would say it is the most organised, structured and regulated environment you could ever work in. It's also the reason why we offer trial days for all our roles - that way, we don't end up accidently hiring old stock-brokers.
  15. Job description If you like to make things happen by making sure everything gets to the right people in the right places, then take a peek at what your life could be like if you joined Welcome Gate as our Operations and Warehouse Coordinator. Are you good at multi-tasking? Things will be coming at you rapid fire and from all directions, and you'll need to handle that calmly and with grace. You'll have a strong interest in technology and be keen to learn more. Working alongside you is a team of people who are fully committed to give their all, because everyone in our team cares and takes it personally to provide our clients with peace of mind. If this is you, and all the little details about creating the greatest service experience is an obsession, then we need to talk. Every day you will have the opportunity and the power to make things happen, because we do it right, right to the end. If you've worked in a technical equipment retail or wholesale environment, or in a security systems business, that would be great. We hire for attitude and interest. The rest you can learn on the job. The ideal candidate will have: • Strong organisational skills • Attention to detail • Initiative, but not be afraid to ask for help • Warehouse and stock management experience • A practical problem-solving attitude This role reports to the Head of Operations.
  16. Yes, it's an access control system. http://www.xplan.com/
  17. Hi Everyone, One of our clients has acquired a portfolio of properties, one of which as a PLAN system in place. Unfortunately we aren't a PLAN partner so would be keen to receive some recommendations on some firms who are accredited to service and install their systems. Any ideas? ps. property is in London. Thanks!
  18. Thanks James, We did consider them in the past but were worried they were too big for us and wouldn't provide us with the service we needed. Mind you, we went to a smaller firm who aren't that responsive so we are on the lookout again. Happy to give Citation another try. Thanks again!
  19. Not sure what everyone else does with regards to their Health & Safety advice but we are looking for a recommendation on a suitable advisor to help with: 1. General H&S advice 2. Making sure our policies / procedures / RAMS etc are correct 3. Helping with our SafeContractor reaccreditation each year (updating documents etc) 4. Putting together new policies as needed I know we can do this internally but we could do with someone who has the qualifications and understanding of our industry (particularly if they have worked with one of your firms. Thanks for your help.
  20. Most of the products listed above with exception of Sclak are controlled by software, not the app. The app is just treated as a credential that must be configured in the software first. None of them currently offer biometrics which is true, so your product would be unique (but for how long, i don't know). Would have thought it would be easy for manufacturers to add this functionality. All systems above support multi-format technology i.e. phones / bluethooth / wifi / smart cards). Door can be opened from anywhere but Brivo are adding an option shorlty for high security purposes so that you need to be on the local wifi network before being able to remotely allow access. No point using NFC because that is only limited to Android. Check out YOTI or CallSign, they are both doing interesting things when it comes to authentication of the user.
  21. Thanks for everyone's advice. All very useful. Premier does sound useful if it already has that foyer function, so many thanks sixwheeledbeast Thanks james.wilson we might need to take a look at Vanderbilt. I just find it funny in this day and age to be issuing a Mifare card for doors and then a separate keyfob for the alarm.
  22. We have been stung on multiple ocassions with these things, albeit mostly cards as i think there are more limited options when it comes to fobs. We even bought our own universal reader but even that has landed us in hotwater because each system can read the string of numbers differently. Safest thing to do is to either send it directly into HID or the team up at Advanced Access are pretty good at figuring it out.
  23. We are already using systems that can control access via smartphone. Could you let us know how your system is different to: - HID Twist & Go - Sclak - Brivo MobilePass - Kisi We are already using systems that can control access via smartphone. Could you let us know how your system is different to: - HID Twist & Go - Sclak - Brivo MobilePass - Kisi
  24. Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice to see if we can make a client's life easier somehow. They currently occupy both floors in a 2-storey building. - They would like to be able to set both floors individually. (i.e. one RKP per floor) - They also share a common lobby and would like to arm this lobby when everyone has exited both floors Can we set up / configure system in a way that whoever is the last person to set the alarm in the building, not only sets the floor they are about to leave, but also the lobby area as well? Also, the are using an access control system with Mifare cards - is there a way to allow them to use those same cards to arm and disarm the system? ps. haven't settled on which system yet but was looking at Galaxy Flex. Thanks for your advice
  25. Hi John, Thanks for checking. Yes, turns out that they either started / bought Fortress some years ago. Was hoping it was a manufacturer not linked to an installer but not to worry. Thanks again.
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