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  1. Thank you for your information. About Brivo's feature, being in local wifi network for high security, I don't think it's convenient. Because when you need to open the door remotely, most of time you are on the street, some place random. If there is any reason that I don't know, please help me understand it. Personally, I think the security level mainly depends on encrypted communication and user authentication, so our APP will request password before conducting remote control, and fingerprint password is a convenient option. I believe Apple's NFC will be open to public in the future, the bluetooth pairing process is a big disadvantage for spontaneous and non-persistent application. At last, YOTI and CallSign, I don't know the exact technology inside, if you have information about it, please tell me, I'm very interested.
  2. All the product you listed focus on using smartphone as credential, or using mobile APP as managing tool. While our system is more than that, besides all the functions they have, we add biometrics in our APP, you could use the fingerprint module on the smartphone for identification, just like fingerprint access control. And our system support multiple communication technology, user could open the door from anywhere. The products you listed are for either proximity access control or remote control.
  3. Android hacking is not really a hard problem, I'm sure you could give some other in depth thinking on it, I will appreciate.
  4. LOL, sounds like you know much about android hacking.
  5. Are you still using traditional proximity card and fingerprint for access control? My company has a new product may change the future of access control. You can own multiple identification technologies, and control the door from anywhere now. We make use of cloud service and smartphone, to let you spend less, but own more. You don't need to buy other devices, the only thing you need is a smartphone. Almost everybody has a smartphone now, so I think it's very potential. The picture shows how it works, are you guys interested in it?
  6. Many of HID's products are proprietary, if you use Mifare or Desfire, or CPU card, there will be countless choices
  7. Hi guys, I'm here again to share some news. We developed an access control DIY suite for home users, it could be fully operated on mobile APP. I made an easy demo video of the iOS APP, please watch and give me your comments, your opinion will be appreciated very much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H07rYHbemzI
  8. Dahua is the second biggest CCTV supplier in China, next to Hikvision. If you go to ISC West, you would know China is dominating the CCTV market. If you are still buying in UK, I would recommend you to try Hikvision, Dahua and Uniview.
  9. Low quality product will exist for long in China, because most Chinese don't have enough budget like Europe countries. Sometimes your standard is not the same as China, and we don't know it, so when we don't know your standard, we just give you Chinese standard product. And because of the corruption in quality audit, the falsified specs will exist too. But if you know the industry well, you could tell if the specs is falsified. When I worked in CCTV and LCD, I can easily find the conflict in specs. Most sales even don't have common sense in engineering. Agree
  10. You are right. Many Chinese company only produce product of Chinese standard which may be not enough for UK standard. Because the competitors in China are all at that level. If you tell us what's your problem and what features you expect, we could offer the product you like. But so sad most buyers only ask for price.
  11. Not the exactly same as Apple, looks like in the picture though. The white part is made of metal, so it's between grey and silver. And the black panel is acrylic. HAHA, the graphics are just similar to numeric keys.
  12. Touch panel with LED back light, support Mifare card and mobile APP to open the door.
  13. To make successful and lasting business, I think we should change our view. Low-price is tempting for sure, and it's the most direct reason to get the order. But actually it's a bad strategy for long term running. Like smartphone market, in the past years, there are so many company can make a acceptable phone within 100 USD, they all compete with price. But now, where are they? Almost all are closed... But many company insist on quality are growing big, just like Huawei and OPPO, their price isn't lower than Samsung or LG. To make a good product means good engineer and good service, all these will spend money. At the beginning, some people buy cheap phone, but cheap phone isn't a pleasing product after all, if they have enough budget, they turn to big brands eventually, as long as it's within budget. Those keep lowing the price can only reduce the quality and service, to serve the people financially poor, struggle to earn the small money. So the conclusion is focusing on quality can grow big, while focusing on price will perish someday. To run a healthy business, quality is the first, especially in developed country. Your budget is enough for good product, right?
  14. As a seller, I can't totally agree with you. The sellers has problems indeed, but buyers are partly responsible for it too. In my experience, some buyers just come to China to buy cheap price product. The only question they ask about my product is the price. Although I told them the expensive model lasts long, they still choose to try the cheap model. Because their value is nothing other than knowing the price gap, they don't even want to learn about the product and test it. Some buyers told me they came to buy good product, but they compare the price with the cheapest. I agree Hikvision, Dahua, Huawei, OPPO are all good, but they don't compete with price, except Hikvision. If you want to have good product, you have to pay the good price. I just say this let you understand Chinese manufactures better. If you do want to get good product from China, stop comparing price with the cheap suppliers, you can get very good product if you only compare price with your domestic market. When you think you are smart enough to take advantage from bargain, the sellers will take advantage of this mind.
  15. Hi guys, our company is designing a reader. We want to make a reader for family house. Yesterday, I got the sketch. I attached the picture. You could tell me what do you think of the looking. The graphics are actually code keys. If you could give some idea how to improve it, that would be awesome. Probably you could find your element in the future.
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