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  1. Telecom elite 48-w install

    RE Jamming Response from TS "Radio jamming is generally site specific. Points to look for are other wireless equipment, old wireless equipment from an older system, unused Ricochet devices with the batteries still connected, smart keys, contacts etc."
  2. Telecom elite 48-w install

    Update from TS QD and XT sensor should only be used in Auto and NOT Hybrid, Misprint in only Ricochet manual that says otherwise. Hence why they default to Auto
  3. Telecom elite 48-w install

    Thanks Adrian, ill enquire tomorrow
  4. Telecom elite 48-w install

    I also have a problem site, that keeps rearing it head up. changed expander, changed all batts. Whats the model PIR you have and how do i get one?
  5. Telecom elite 48-w install

    I would change that to pulse count 2
  6. Telecom elite 48-w install

    looks like we've both learned something Nieldmail.
  7. Telecom elite 48-w install

    sometimes it feels like ages i know, but they will Arm, best off waiting 10 Mins as they will all arm at different times.
  8. Telecom elite 48-w install

    Quads/PIR's should be Auto, Dualtecs hybrid, Impaq Shock/contact Always awake. PIR's become active after 3-4 mins, this is to allow the wake poll signal to be seen, saves battery life.
  9. Hik camera seating