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pulse outputs to galaxy dimention k/pad

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Hi can anyone answer this one, I have two outside lights front and rear of the house connected to cts 1011 and 1012 via relays programed log. In links 01.  1011-e/e horn. Link 02. 1012-e/e horn, in outputs *00 ent/ex horn R, Pos, all woks fine k/pad sounds when front or rear light comes on but i get the same sound from the k/pad is it possible to get a pulsing sound so I know which ilight is which.  many thanks.




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2 hours ago, james.wilson said:

Not in the panel programming. You would need to add a pulse relay or use a sounder with 2 different inputs

Thanks for your quick reply James I  did think of two different types of buzzer on different outputs but there are no rios near the k/pad so will leave as is.


but thanks again.



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