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Verisure smart alarms

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Here I go on a rant about this scam company 


I have ripped out a verisure system and I found so many issues.


The main one is there is no tamper detection or if there was it doesn't work or wireless supervision.   


These products are made by essence security and are listed as grade 2 compliant   however no tamper means they are not grade 2 compliant 


The second issue is the control panel    it has several flaws including 

● faulty or disabled tamper switch 

●display communications failure 

●battery removal takes less than a second to do

● control panel could be easily stolen 


The pir cameras again have a faulty or disabled tamper switch and again the batteries can be removed in less than a second with no tools    I have a feeling the signals are not encrypted either 


The siren (it looks like a Google home) fell off the wall and broke less than a week after installation     no tamper response received 



And the best part is the ridiculous £65 a month monitoring cost 

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Yeah, I despise Veriunsecure as well 

Alarm enthusiast and furry 

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