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Sl Compact Attack Light Help


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Hi all, 


Our SL Compact alarm has been working perfectly. I went to put the alarm on as usual on the way out and the keypad was unresponsive but still lit up. 


The 'Attack' light is lit up but inputting the code doesn't do anything. No tone. Nothing. 


Only when I press PA - 49 together, it allows me to press buttons with an audible tone. The alarm sounds and then it goes back to 'Attack' and unresponsive. 


I've attached some photos including one of the panic button. 


Nothing has changed, the alarm hasn't been activated, so any help will be appreciated. Thank you. 





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9 minutes ago, MrHappy said:

botton  pic -


has your mickey mouse texecom pa button been pressed ?

As far as I know - it hasn't. 

I included that photo because it does look like it has been. My niece could have without me knowing but the alarm has never sounded. 


I pressed the reset button on the front of it but it doesn't move. 

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10 minutes ago, MrHappy said:

shove something like a key / screwdriver in the hole on the front & the button pops back up



I was trying to press the Reset before but it wouldn't budge. 

I've just tried again and it felt loose when I wiggled a key inside the reset hole. 


I managed to force/push the button back up using a key inside and the keypad made a beep! 


So I think the PA button is broken or my niece has forced it down without me knowing. 


Either way... What an easy fix and I kinda feel embarrassed now haha. 

I don't think I'd have tried again without your comment - so thank you! 


I'll leave this thread up for anyone else who might experience it 🙂


Thanks again. 

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