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Premier Elite - Unwanted Chirping when Output is activated

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Hi, I've a Prem Elite 88 v4 which,.


Following adding an additional output (which activates a relay based on a control timer) via Wintex, the system has started Chirping on the Panel speaker and Keypads when ANY output is activated...it never used to do this and I don't recall changing any settings which could cause this, I did change the Output system text for output 3 from blank to 'Night Timer', I tried blanking it but the chirp remains.


I can Silence these Chirps by disabling the Service Tones, however to avoid suppressing other notifications, I'd prefer to just silence the Chirp where an output is triggered. Prior to making this change (to the Outputs configuration in Wintex). 'Service Tones' (In global and keypads) was ticked and this chirp never occurred. There's been no update to the firmware or other settings, only the change to the outputs.


So anyone ideas if/where the setting exists to control the chirp which occurs on outputs firing (if it matters, the outputs are all on an 8 Zone nwk expander)?

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More used to the keypad over Wintex so not sure where you have done this.

It won't be related to the Custom Output but most likely Control Timers as they can have a Chime option.

On the keypad it's shown as a star in the Control Timer menu toggled with the Chime button.

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Thanks, you're correct in that there is a Chime option per timer (also within Wintex), but these are all set as 'OFF'. The reason I thought it was to do with the Outputs though is that it's now Chirping also for the other outputs I have, some which don't have timers associated. So for example there's a control output used to open the electric garage door (via the Texecom Connect mobile App). This control output also ensures the alarm is disarmed, such that the garage door cannot be opened without first un-setting the alarm. Yet now if the garage door is opened from the Mobile App, the Alarm Chirps.

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Zones rather than outputs on Chime?

Custom Outputs are all software inputs that you then "map" to a physical hardware output. I can't think of anything else related to the menus you mention that would have a chime option.

If you can't find it, backup the panel profile, default and reprogram with a new profile. If you come upon it again you can start to track back from what you did.


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Thanks, in this instance there's no zone association with the outputs. It uses the Custom Output configuration to ascertain the logic to fire the 'virtual' output, which yes..is then mapped to a physical output terminal (on an expander). Backtracking is a good shout but there's a lot to program and I can't find my backups which would have been very useful. Any idea what else gets categorised as 'Service Tones' - i.e. what else would I miss if I disabled at that level ?

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You say the garage door opens with the chime, so the chime could be on a (zone) i.e. door contact or something in the garage being triggered for example.

Service Tones is any alerts or system chimes not related to arming the system, so Mains Fail as an example, anything issue that wouldn't alarm but just show a "System Alert".

Part of the benefit of backup and default would be the panel gets a fresh start, if something has been corrupted in memory somehow and caused an effect that isn't an option you'll never find it.

Would only expect that type of thing to have happened if you have changed firmware though and the profile wasn't updated, then forced the profile to the panel. Which doesn't seem the case, I am thinking some combination of settings.

It's sounds like you have a lot of custom settings that are used rarely for most, without hearing this chime tone and looking through all these settings and attributes with a fine tooth comb I can't think of anything.


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Thanks for the pointers, yes the garage door is on a zone, but with the chime set to silent, and also if I open the door manually it doesn't chime. A better example would probably have been the flood lights, (which illuminate on alarm activation, or again via the mobile app) and this one doesn't have a zone yet still chirps when turned on. Ha...Yes, my setup is making good use of the functionality that many don't use...the Wintex software is really handy for this as it even provides a logic diagram for the control outputs...not sure how that would be feasible to program from the keypad. If I work out the issue then I'll post on here. Thanks for the info on the other System alert sounds, I can live without those so long as they show up on the keypad...or perhaps I should have the wanted alerts triggering a separate output to a buzzer (JOKE). Have a nice weekend !

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