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i-on40H wired sounder temporary muting

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I recently installed an i-on40H panel which is working okay but I want to do a bit of familiarisation and testing, however, I don't want to annoy the neighbours with the external sounder going off several times. I'd like to know if I can prevent this with a system setting. I know I can remove the bell trigger core but would prefer not to do it that way if possible. Thanks.

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Progg a bell delay long enough for you to carry out what you want to do then reset as normal ( remember to remove )


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Thanks guys for taking the time to reply.


I hadn't thought about the bell delay but I take the point sixwheeledbeast made about there being a visible reminder. I suppose I could leave the panel lid open and jumper the panel tamper to make it really obvious if I remove the bell trigger. Whatever I do it's clear I need to think about what I want to achieve, how long it's going to take and try and not get side-tracked.

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