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Access Control Project in Edinburgh (Install / Maintenance / Call-out)

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HI Everyone,


We have a client moving into a new office in Edinburgh.


Any recommendations for a good company that could help?


The system is Lenel but we will do the commissioning and set up remotely.


Also, for future service, we have remote technical support so you don't need to know Lenel.


Look forward to any offers of interest.




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18 hours ago, PeterJames said:

If you dont get anyone I know an ex engineer in Fife near Dunfermline that may be able to help. I know there are a few Scots on here already though


Thanks PeterJames - much appreciated.


Might be useful as a few of the people that have contacted me in the past regarding Scotland mostly do Intruder & CCTV.


Appreciate your recommendation.



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