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Bruce P

Trying to get certified But need help

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Hi All 


I am trying to get SSIAB certified and have run into a couple of items that Im not to sure about and Im hoping you lot can help me 


1. When measuring the resistance on the pir / door contact is it just the non active measurement I need or is it the active, non active and tamper measurement ?

2 Battery calculations. I understand that I need to test the current drawn from the battery for both Quiescent and alarm condition to ensure its compliant . I install my fluke inline between the battery and the alarm and turn off the alarm ,How long do I need to measure the current for as it keeps going up and never seems to stop going up ?

3 When timing the exit . is it from the time you start the exit on the panel or the time the exit door shuts.I have set up all my jobs as the front door as entry/exit so none of them will secure until the door closes on exit ?

4.I have a document from SSIAB about minimum documentation the keep and supply to the customer . I have most of this but unsure of what a "System Users Handbook"  is which apparently needs the following in it 

Name, address and telephone number of Installation/maintenance/repair company.

Name and telephone number of the ARC (if applicable).

System visits record log (for service/maintenance)

Log of Operational Checks (record of circuit resistance readings/wireless signal strength, PSU voltage and current readings etc)

Record of bell delay, entry/exit, bell cut off, confirmation window times etc where applicable

Is this a specific handbook or just a document that has all the above information in it.

5 acceptance certificate . Would I get this when I am SSIAB registered.


Im sure these are really stupid questions but I cant seem to understand what I need to do 








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1. Cable of each pair + Voltage of powered detector
2. Your doing this when the mains is removed ?
3. Your SDP will then be "final exit"
5. Make something ?

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