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  1. Hi All I am trying to get SSIAB certified and have run into a couple of items that Im not to sure about and Im hoping you lot can help me 1. When measuring the resistance on the pir / door contact is it just the non active measurement I need or is it the active, non active and tamper measurement ? 2 Battery calculations. I understand that I need to test the current drawn from the battery for both Quiescent and alarm condition to ensure its compliant . I install my fluke inline between the battery and the alarm and turn off the alarm ,How long do I need to measure the current for as it keeps going up and never seems to stop going up ? 3 When timing the exit . is it from the time you start the exit on the panel or the time the exit door shuts.I have set up all my jobs as the front door as entry/exit so none of them will secure until the door closes on exit ? 4.I have a document from SSIAB about minimum documentation the keep and supply to the customer . I have most of this but unsure of what a "System Users Handbook" is which apparently needs the following in it Name, address and telephone number of Installation/maintenance/repair company. Name and telephone number of the ARC (if applicable). System visits record log (for service/maintenance) Log of Operational Checks (record of circuit resistance readings/wireless signal strength, PSU voltage and current readings etc) Record of bell delay, entry/exit, bell cut off, confirmation window times etc where applicable Is this a specific handbook or just a document that has all the above information in it. 5 acceptance certificate . Would I get this when I am SSIAB registered. Im sure these are really stupid questions but I cant seem to understand what I need to do Thanks Bruce
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for the quick response to my question . I will go back to the monitoring company and question then as to why they want this if its only necessary with police response. Bruce
  3. Hi Guys Im doing an installation where the monitoring alarm company has requested Sequential Alarm Confirmation . Im using an Texecom premier elite system and not to sure how to configure this. This would be my first monitored system and im in need of a bit of help Thanks Bruce
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