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Please read the Do's and Don'ts marked in red if you cant be bothered with these rules we wont be  bothered to vet you. 

Currently as a standard member you can only see/view about 50% of the forums in our community, the rest is only view-able upon being given Trade access which is not granted to every member that applies.

We try to do the best to vet each new applicant to try and ensure they are actually in the trade, so firstly if you object to this please do not apply, secondly you should appreciate that this process takes time, so don't apply if your not prepared to wait (up to a few weeks sometimes) for approval. We vet active members 1st so get posting to jump the queue.

You join on the understanding that what goes on in the trade forums stays in the trade forums, this is an area where views are freely expressed and the occasional heated debate may occur.

We have a vast resource of equipment manuals, information and advice, which is entirely generated by our trade members efforts on an unpaid basis.

Although we appreciate not everyone will have additional information to provide we still expect discussion and input or a regular basis from all trade members. Periodically we may downgrade trade members who (in our sole opinion) either do not visit often enough or who post very infrequently.


  · DO NOT apply for trade membership/access unless you are already a forum member.

  · DO NOT apply if you are not active in the Fire/Security/CCTV/Access control Industry

· DO NOT  apply if you have not already made a minimum of 5 posts on the forum

· DO post in the public forums while awaiting vetting as this may help speed up the vetting process.

· DO NOT apply for trade membership/access unless you have made 5 or more posts.

You MUST provide us with at least ONE of the following:READ CAREFULLY
-    Scanned/photo of your ID card (We wont contact your employer)

-    Copy of Public/Product Liability Insurance (We will check that this is not fake)

-    Contact telephone number for your employer AND yourself if relevant and Yell or website details for the company you work for.

-  Provide an Email address to us from your trade related domain(We will email you at the address you provide) This option will only be accepted from national and well known established companies, we do not have the time to check every small company. If you are a small co this option is not for you, please send Liability Insurance  
Read, understood and completely happy with the above?


If so then please Private Message (PM) Vetting Click here to PM Vetting 


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I am still getting plenty of people applying for trade without posting, I am unable to put you as trade if you have not made at least five posts, the system will not let me so post if you want trade access. If you cant follow these simple instructions then try facebook there is a security forum on there that seems to be full of plums that cant read.

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