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Call Recording

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Does any body do stuff in the line of call monitoring and recording --- Inbound outbound

Software and Hardware --

software pref open source -

Hardware - variable ..

I work for a few ARC,s globally , also a few control rooms uk wide , always in the past we use asterisk or something via Bt, nortel, cisco , yuxin ,

But im never happy to pay a 3rd party licence hence the open source option.

Im talking anything from 1- 30 channels vox and even higher. Asterisk doesnt always cut it.,

lets say i wanna have vox recording on something lets say like a 600 calls per second mux/switch - nokia based, lolin

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Asterisk will scale to that with the right hardware. I have done stress tests on asterisk on a dual processor i7 xeon can handle over 1500 concurrent calls before dropping any.

securitywarehouse https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk

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ha ha , I knew u would be first to reply, lol

i understand ure comment but , But im after the other options, sorceforge isnt the be all end all now is it

What do other peeps do??

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