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  1. in house for us. to my office. he went through all programming and is very knowledgable
  2. dead easy, speak to kevin watkins @CSL and he will arrange a demo
  3. yes i do have a "smoke device" fitted
  4. i dont think any one can tell you that without looking at the premises. for instance i have a three bed house with 27 zones on it
  5. probably because they are 3 years out of date? im sure after christmas dinner and a few beers, the links will appear to work
  6. mine decided to hammer drill a 3mm metal bit onto a metal framed door and actually put the whole drill through the glass. Pillock
  7. i know ive had a drink but this is confusing me
  8. i was working in an office doing a RM. i overlooked the extra cable to the master blaster and did a bell test. unfortunately it was above the false tile in the main office just above the secratarys head. i got a letter of recommendation to my boss from them
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