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  1. in house for us. to my office. he went through all programming and is very knowledgable
  2. dead easy, speak to kevin watkins @CSL and he will arrange a demo
  3. probably because they are 3 years out of date? im sure after christmas dinner and a few beers, the links will appear to work
  4. i know ive had a drink but this is confusing me
  5. i was working in an office doing a RM. i overlooked the extra cable to the master blaster and did a bell test. unfortunately it was above the false tile in the main office just above the secratarys head. i got a letter of recommendation to my boss from them
  6. not sure about veritas 8, but on a lot of panels there is something called dual ply or in laymans terms, a delay buit in to the panel so that if you set it off by accident, it will not go full alarm for a programmed ammount of time, generally 10-20 seconds. try setting your alarm off for longer and see if that works
  7. corr look at the doors on that
  8. wasnt mr happy poking you was it? he gets excited around things like that
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