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  1. Thanks @sixwheeledbeast and @PeterJames for your kind answers. I was wondering, in the case of a power cut and a duff battery, will I have to re-code/re-install my alarm, or the alarm would be able to keep my settings in memory? Cheers
  2. Hi Peter, I think the battery is at least 5 years old (maybe something more, I should ask to the previous house owner). How could I check if is the external box the problem? Thanks for your answers
  3. Good evening, I am writing to ask you info about the following problem. Today it has been the third time in less then 2 months that my Scantronic alarm started to make an internal sound - maybe a brief external one as well? - and give me the error "Sound Tamper Reset Required". I have performed the Engineer reset correctly all these times, but I was wondering if maybe this error means that I have to change my alarm battery. What do you think? Thanks for your help Steven
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