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  1. That was a sarcastic answer, Logan. AWS and IoT are my areas of expertise.
  2. lol. how lucky I am that I decided not to. I would have to listen to Dancing Queen now and keep all my windows open.
  3. The diagram below shows what it looks like and how to connect a siren. I can open it, of course, and take a picture if you prefer. I was told that I would probably need to buy an expander to connect the ADT siren but I am not convinced: https://www.cctvcentral.co.uk/visonic-pg2-powermaster-33-ioxpander-8-wired-8-zone-internal-expander-9-103514.html Many thanks!
  4. Do you mean they do not have the greatest reputation among professionals? I thought that the ADT logo on my house would be a strong deterrent.
  5. lol. I really like my new Visonic panel I also like the ADT logo on my house. This is why I want to connect it....
  6. I have engineer access to the alarm panel It is not ex ADT panel. I bought the panel new myself. I can download the Visonic manuals but I can't find the manual for Elmdene unfortunately. There is a QR code that you can see on the sticker on the picture. I thought it would give me a url address for the manual. Unfortunately, access to the manual under that url is restricted.
  7. Lol.... yeah... didn't realise this was a joke
  8. Hi Logan, That is quite an unfair accusation to be thrown at someone on an open forum. I didn't steal the siren. I hid the number because I keep reading that it is a bad idea to post serial numbers on the internet. (e.g.: https://www.howtogeek.com/294471/should-i-keep-my-techs-serial-numbers-private/). Am I too paranoid? If you are so kind to provide help and for this reason, you would need the number, I am absolutely happy to send it to you. I want to connect that siren because I already have it from an older ADT alarm and I would like to use it rather tha
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a Visonic PowerMaster 33 G2 alarm system installed at home without any expander. I also have Elmdene 7422-G3F external siren (ADT branded). I would like to use it with my alarm system. I have two questions: - What expander would I have to buy for my alarm - How do I wire the external siren to my alarm system I attached a photo of the siren. Any help would be much appreciated.
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