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  1. Thanks for the replies. They are definatly linked, as I've traced the cabling. Needed to replace a couple of damaged detectors reciently and ended up tracing all of the cabling and documenting the system layout for future use. The two panels are linked together via the data bus, along with a couple of keypads inbetween.
  2. Hello, Have reciently come across a large installation that has a Texecom Premier 48 on one side of the building and a Texecom Premier Elite 48 panel on the other side. Both panels are linked via the 4 wire data network, along with keypads and expanders etc. Thing is, I can find no reference to panel linking in the installation manual? How are the panels configured and how to they behave? I've installed a small Premier 48 system before, but with just the single main panel and a bunch of zones hung from it via an expander. This particular system in questi
  3. Hi All,Have got a contract in the UK to install a high-end large residential IP CCTV system. Am just trying to settle on a brand and one of my suppliers (CCTV Direct) here in the UK stocks UNIVIEW kit. I understand this is very high-end kit and the specs are impressive and fits the bill for the design I have created. However, I cannot seem to find much in the way of user/installer reviews. Anyone used it and can give me a heads up?Happy New Year to all.Thanks,Alex
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