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  1. Thank you for all the constructive comments, so glad I'm posting in the DIY section and not passing myself off as a professional installer. Maybe it's because I'm posting in the DIY section that very few of you bothered to read the original post and instead try to show just how much more you know about alarms than someone posting in this section. Does it make you feel superior? The simple system was installed, complete & working. What's more, every function it was capable of, was easy for the householder to operate, not confusing and didn't need a security installer to explain to him every few hours. Thousands and thousands G4 panels have been installed and the simple (not new) technology employed is tried & tested and when an intrusion occurs they make the bell sound. They are easy to install and easy to understand, Is there something wrong with that for a DIY'er? The expansion into wireless, after the installation, was due to the householder not accepting any visible cables and there being no access through the 2 extensions added to the property since the previous non functioning system was installed. These new areas where never going to be included within the system originally so adapting the final available zone to wireless was the only available option that would save the newly installed panel. £44 for the UR2, so all you experts can tell me how much cheaper than that a new combined wired & wireless panel would be. As simlec says, faults within the wireless zones will trigger a tamper within the wired panel, clearly shown on the LCD keypad and exactly the same as if there was a tamper on the hardwired system. Could a householder diagnose & rectify that at 2am? The UR2 also displays the event history for alarm (inputs), tamper (inputs or UR2), low battery (inputs), supervision (inputs), disarm (UR2) & arm (UR2). Not easy for the householder to get the history but better than not having coverage in the whole property. In any case if he has a tamper alert he won't be working out what's caused it, he'll be calling me. Once again thank you to simlec for your guidance.
  2. I'll add an update just in case anyone else is going to use a UR2 for this purpose. Thanks to simlec's input it's all up and running. Either SET terminal within the G4 panel can be used, J3 switches to neg & J9 shwitches to + upon arming so can be used to arm the UR2. Make sure you run 8 core originally or you'll end up adding 2 cores! UR2 is easy to set up once you've learnt to use their comic strip instructions.
  3. Top man, thank you. Now I can get out of it clean.
  4. Thank you Simlec, that's brilliant! I probably confused matters by calling the UR2 an expander rather than a receiver but that's what I'm using it for. Just to clarify the arm/disarm please, because I've assumed that I can use J3 output terminals from the G4 and is now the only issue after your clear instructions. Do I need to connect a pos & neg to the arm & disarm terminals, And then set the jumper to suit the polarity I've chosen? And these inputs to the UR2 only become connected when the panel is armed? If the above are correct assumptions, any idea which terminals in the G4 will supply these? It looks like the outputs at J3 are only active upon incident rather than just system set. There is a SET output at J6 that becomes positive on system set. And then can I assume I can run the neg to UR2 terminal C from the supply terminal in UR2. I'd then switch to pos arming. Clear as mud I know!
  5. Pyronix state that it will connect to all makes of wired control panels with arm & disarm output. The UR2 is hardwired into the last available zone on the panel and then you can add up to 10 wireless devices plus fobs if you want to. Of course they'll be seen as 1 zone by the panel but the UR2 sees them as individual ones.
  6. Hi everyone, I've searched and searched for some info and you are my last hope! I'm not an installer but was roped in to replacing an alarm system for a friend after he was burgled and it hadn't activated, no surprise once I started removing it but that's not why I'm asking for help. I have successfully wired several systems previously but strictly on a non commercial or professional basis. I have installed a Honeywell Accenta G4 8 way panel, LCD RKP, 7 Pyronix dual tech PIRs, 2 x Deltabell Plus sounders, internal sounder & GSm Dialer all hardwired and all performing perfectly. I now have to add 3 x wireless Pyronix PIRs via a Pyronix UR2-WE expander on the last remaining spare zone. Can't hardwire these zones as there is no way through otherwise i'd daisy chain 3 onto 1 zone. So the problem I have is either with the Pyronix UR2 installation instructions or with my brain! I've looked at the comic strip style manual for days now and still it makes no sense to me. 12+ & 0v are fine but it shows at least 6 other connections into the control panel from the UR2, arm, disarm, output a & b, fault output wiring, Can anyone tell me in simple terms which terminals in the G4 these should be connected into and why the manual is giving options for N/O & N/C on output & fault wiring? It's no bother to run another 2 cores between the panel & UR2 if I need all 8. I need to get this thing complete so I can move on to his CCTV system with 7 cameras!!! Many thanks Jon
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