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  1. Evening Gents, I realise it’s been a while since anybody added to this thread but... this is fked up and I can’t get my head around what could be wrong. So, when I’m NOT connected to my home WiFi the app works exactly as it should, I get notifications and I can log in to the panel, etc. BUT when I am connected to the home WiFi, I get the push notifications but I can’t login to the panel, If when I’m on the Home WiFi I manually enter the comwifi’s Local IP address into the app and switch off the update IP setting I can connect as a should be able to but a
  2. Okay so here I am yet again scratching my head.... I changed the zones garage sensors (motion and door) to area b and all the house sensors to area a. I renamed the arm suites; Suite 1 - AB House and Garage Suite 2 - .B Garage I swaped the Part Arms in the zone setting Part 1 - Bedtime (first floor omitted) Part 2 - Doors and garage (house motion sensors omitted) Part 3 - Garage Only (All house omitted) Quick Arm is ticked for both keypads Both keypads set Area A&B When I press part upstairs it offer
  3. I Thanks Dale, Yes I already have a door sensor on the up and over garage door and a motion sensor with EOL wiring, I haven't checked what they were wired (i.e. What core) with but I was thinking I may be able to pick up the spare cores for a keypad. I don't have an expander installed (yet) so will certainly wait until the release of the new one. Gents, Thank you for all the other comments, I appreciate the help and advise
  4. It annoys me too Dale :-( Thanks for the feedback gents, I think I'll look to swapping the areas around and getting a third keypad in the garage. Is there a way that I can program the panel to default to a particular part set when I press the part button? I'm thinking of adding an expander so I can have even more coverage, a couple more questions though, (sorry) can I add wireless/ricochet door sensors and smoke detectors? If I can, can I add the smokes to area A existing setup or would they require their own area? I've only thought about doing this over the
  5. I'm full setting Area A and excluding Area B. Do you have any ideas what could be causing it? Thanks
  6. Evening Gents, Thank you for the comments, I've defaulted the panel and restored from a previous backup. All is good, and luckily it was simple fix. It took me a little while to get the ComIP pushing notifications to the mobile app again, it's helpful that there's nothing in the ComIP manual about setting Config 2 to use COM 1in the ARC settings!!! The only thing is that when I press area on the second floor Pad once armed the display flashes between the part arm text ( ** PART ARM**) and Area A. I'm not sure whether it should be doing this as technically it
  7. Hi Dale, No I haven't defaulted the panel, if I default it can I then restore from a Wintex backup? Thanks
  8. Hello Everybody, I'm hoping you can help me with what is (hopefully) a relatively simple fix; I upgraded the firmware on my premier elite 24 panel from 2.(something i cant rememeber) to 3.2. Since doing so when i press the area button on my control pad in the hall the system goes to part arm 2, The system is set into 2 areas; Area A = Ground Floor and Garage Area B = First Floor The control pad in the hall is set to Area A&B but I havent got the "use keypad areas" box checked in wintex, I tried it and it made no differe
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