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  1. Press the padlock button on home screen, enter Engineer code, press bottom right button, press middle right button, then there is a small text button just off center, probably says somthing similar to 'language' but more gallic sounding! Also worth buying these if they are for your own use
  2. My C048 is V6.93, one of the boards I noticed was 7.03, others don't specify. Once I get a chance to re-jig the addresses then if I can get the current system to work with the above RIOs then I would imagine I should have all the capacity I need, I have no end of inputs spare but the outputs are the problem, especially the RIO ones which are remote to the house. Thanks again.
  3. Wow, I know ebay might have some shady characters but I never imagined this sort of gear would be dodgy. It's the ADT one which is new, I would have hoped the 2nd hand PCBs would have come from upgrades or new alarm co. taking over and installing their own stuff. Strewth
  4. Thanks GG looks like I need to do a bit of digging in the menus, I shouldn't need 16 RF addresses anyway as most stuff is wired. Might get somewhere now Gordon.
  5. Thanks, I've got my eye on a couple of PCBs on the bay which might go for a few pennies or there is a guy in Glasgow selling full new ADT 96s for £50, pretty sure there's not too much difference in the ADT version. Gordon.
  6. Hello, I'm just wondering about the amount of hardware you can add to a GD-C048 with the available address line. The instructions say I can have 8 keypads (3 prox), 4 RIOs and 4 RF RIOs It seems you can add lots of stuff but much of it is limited by the rotary address switches and there appears to be some overlap. Is a keypad on address 2 the same as a RIO on address 2? Basically, I have 3 keypads, 0,1 and 2, along with 3 RIOs and 1 RF RIO which must take addresses 2-5 which means, if they work as the same address, then one must overlap with a keypad, also the RF RIO tried to take up 2 bunches of addresses and in fact keeps appearing as 102x and 103x no matter what I set its switch to be, and why is there a gap between 5-B which I can't seem to use. In short, do I need a 96 or above to run 1xTC(prox), 1xMK7(prox), 1xMK8(prox), 3xRIO, 1xRF RIO? It all gets a bit confusing Cheers, Gordon.
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