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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm just wondering about the amount of hardware you can add to a GD-C048 with the available address line. The instructions say I can have 8 keypads (3 prox), 4 RIOs and 4 RF RIOs It seems you can add lots of stuff but much of it is limited by the rotary address switches and there appears to be some overlap. Is a keypad on address 2 the same as a RIO on address 2? Basically, I have 3 keypads, 0,1 and 2, along with 3 RIOs and 1 RF RIO which must take addresses 2-5 which means, if they work as the same address, then one must overlap with a keypad, also the RF RIO tried to take up 2 bunches of addresses and in fact keeps appearing as 102x and 103x no matter what I set its switch to be, and why is there a gap between 5-B which I can't seem to use. In short, do I need a 96 or above to run 1xTC(prox), 1xMK7(prox), 1xMK8(prox), 3xRIO, 1xRF RIO? It all gets a bit confusing Cheers, Gordon.
  2. Hi All I have a query about the extent of compatibility of the Touchcenter keypad when connected to a Galaxy G2-20 panel. I purchased the Touchcenter with some ignorance not aware that I would not be able to unlock all the slick features as it really is a Galaxy Dimension component. It seems that the only function available to me on the Touchcenter is the emulated MK7 keypad (which works fine). What is a little irritating is the incorrect date and time displayed on the home screen (shown before I press the MK7 keypad icon). Of course, the emulated display shows the correct date and time. Has anybody worked out a way to set the correct date and time on the home screen when using a Galaxy G2 or enabled any other features. I suspect the answer is no! Thank you.
  3. Hi. I've had the GX Remote working on my Galaxy Dimension panel for several weeks now, all functions were working including group setting and output switching. Since last week the app cannot connect to the panel. I haven't changed any settings and my older app Selfmon VKP which uses the same port number is still working no problem so I don't think it's my panel or ether net card. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Dimension 48 version 6.92 Ethernet card version 3.02
  4. Hi, I have installed a Honeywell Galaxy Dimension 48 (C048-D-E1-PROX) with a C079-2 RF Rio. I have added a 4 Button Fob (Set/Unset and PA) TCB800M-1 but only the panic function works. The Set and unset do not function, any advice would be appreciated please? Thanks, John
  5. Hi, I've got a galaxy g2-12 with a standard 16 ohm speaker but the volume control doesn't seem to make a major difference to the output, even on 1/30! I need the speaker to hear the chime inside the house, but it's way too loud even on the lowest setting, but then in alarm I want the speaker to be as loud as possible. Is my panel faulty or is it a problem across the G2 series? The tones are really high pitched compared to any other galaxy I've heard. Has anyone else found this problem and got any way of sorting it, like if the firmware can be upgraded etc? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm replacing a DSC MAXSYS 4020 with a Galaxy Dimension GD520. All the hard work is done and I'm now programming up the outputs of which there are many. This is the scenario... RIO on the top floor has a zone, Line 3, Mod 1, Zone 1, which is OPEN when its dark outside (from a loop of two Photodetectors on the roof). RIO on the ground floor front: Line 2, Mod 3, Zone 1, which is OPEN when movement detected via Redwall in the garden display area. Line 2, Mod 3, Out 1, Front Flood Lights and a warning. RIO on the ground floor rear: Line 2, Mod 5, Zone 1, which is OPEN when movement detected via Redwall in the car park RIO on the ground floor side: Line 2, Mod 4, Zone 1, which is OPEN when movement detected via Redwall in the loading area. Line 2, Mod 4, Out 1, Side Flood Lights Line 2, Mod 4, Out 2, Rear Flood Lights So, logic is simple on the MAXSYS, if the zone in the area is open *and* its night time, then pulse the appropriate output for 300s (5 mins). In the GD I'm not sure how to achieve this. I can of program the output to follow the respective zones, that works great for the lights in the toilets, corridors, etc, but the floodlights need to ONLY trigger when its dark. I'm sure this is probably as simple as it gets but I just can't find it in the manual (which is a touch poor imo). Please can someone point me in the right direction? I've also got PIR's in the stairwells which also turn on lights when movement detected *and* its dark, which will follow the same logic once I figure out how to do it with the exterior lights. Thanks very much.
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