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  1. Might try that. What's weird is the Keypad has power and works for, I dunno- a couple of weeks? then loses power. The old keypad is long gone I'm afraid. its a most bizarre situation. I would suspect if a gentle tap to the board (actually - a tape to the wooden beam the Alarm box is mounted to) seems to lose/connect power - then there is either a iffy cable to the keypad or the board is fooooked. Best guess of mine is board as the keypad was replaced previously for precisely this reason. Just strange as I connected it all up a few weeks ago, gave the alarm box taps, knocks, wiggles and power
  2. ok...so what am i checking and how? so, like a said, Im a novice.
  3. I would say the same - but initially when the issue started occurring I first tried a new replacement keypad... Like i say- the keypad will accept power and respond to keystrokes just fine, just the power sometimes goes out and the problem seems to be something loose at or one the pcb or wiring. i'm wondering if the wiring to the keypad is dodge?
  4. You're a 'elite member' from Fulchester on an alarm forum. I suspect that's already happened.
  5. I've annoyed you guys before regarding help on my mums house alarm - hoping to pick brains again. Very briefly - power to the keypad seems to drop out - causing the alarm to either start sounding, or rendering the system armed but with you unable to reset... After trying a new board (pcb is it?) and finding i'm just not expert enough to reset the code and start afresh - i decided to clean the old board, and remove and reseat all the wired connections. So far so good - the alarm worked completely normally until today where I've nipped over to mums to find the alarm sounding the and the keypad
  6. Ah ok. Well that’s fair enough . I think youre right, and probably the second of the two options seems more sensible to me. Thank you for your input. A final thing however, when purchasing a new Panel box (not pcb as I wouldn’t know where to buy one) would the pcb be included inside?
  7. I think the first step is to try n reset from the keypad. I’ll link up in the loft tomorrow n let you know if a quick reset is workin
  8. Ok I can try this tomorrow. I’ll maybe use an off cut of wire from the keypad I’ll use to connect the keypad in the loft
  9. Thankyou. I just about understand. How I link across I’m a bit confused about- but I can certainly check everything else. The tamper led wasn’t on when I powered up if that helps. Certainly connecting the keypad next to the pcb is a good idea from the previous post. I am sure reset must be pressed twice within 5seconds in order to reset the pcb. Anything else and I may just order a new box or alarm fitter
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