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  1. RT @pipmadeley: My girlfriend just ruined the 1980s Cybermen for me #DoctorWho https://t.co/zGdx2deY4B

  2. Soccer News: Troubled Chelsea have sold star player Clive Allen for a million pounds to Chessington World of Advent… https://t.co/PNeEEcxVES

  3. "You got stewed pea and rice, and sweet potato pudding, jerk pork, curried goat, curried chicken, fried plantains,… https://t.co/fM2q4loAwX

  4. "You spend all your time womanising!", I said, congratulating the dedicated gender reassignment surgeon.

  5. Hey if anyone finds the rest of #Manchester please let me know. https://t.co/SIATYADoaQ

  6. Heard an interesting transition at the end of a Bee-Gees song on in-store radio today:

  7. @MCRMetrolink When a tram terminates mid-journey "due to a service time issue", what does that mean?

  8. I don't mean to brag, but I was in the top 99% of my statistics class.

  9. What's a Dalek's favourite colour? Mauve! MAUVE! #puns #DoctorWho

  10. "We are currently experiencing high call volumes. Please try to speak more softly."

  11. “Any year now, I might have to say something. Actually, no; easier just to move house.” https://t.co/YUFnpepdsG

  12. You know you're pretentious when your phone auto-corrects "this" to "thus".

  13. "The following arguments are available, but not all are useful, functional or sufficiently documented" - Software author after my own heart

  14. All my stuff's covered in jam. Curiously, this feels like a stroke of BAD luck.

  15. @northernassist @OfficialTfGM Thanks ☺

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