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  1. Chopper81

    Cscs Or Ecs Card

    Ive only ever used ecs but if you have done the iosh course in the last 1w month you can get the ecs without doing the test
  2. Chopper81

    Vista Quantum Dvr Keeps Shutting Down.

    Overheat? All fans working all vents clear from **** build up?
  3. Chopper81

    Irc Door Access, Anybody Use It?

    I agree ninja i dont think software driven alone is suitable or meets regs but maybe like james is saying if its coupled with bgu then maybe its ok. I personally would go for interfaces micco or whatever else you want to call them just for peace of mind.
  4. Chopper81

    Irc Door Access, Anybody Use It?

    So if break glasses are all thats needed why bother with the expense of i/o units?
  5. Chopper81

    Irc Door Access, Anybody Use It?

    But breakglasses require the physical action of hitting it. Or what if someone is stood at the reader side of a door and they have to go through it due to the location of the fire, the bgu is on the opposite side and the cat 5 door access network cable is fried the door remains locked and the person is in a spot of bother. I always was under the impression the doors on a fire route should automatically release to free swinging on fire?
  6. Chopper81

    Px500 Swap Out Dualcomm Query

    The px500 is constantly sending something down the dial capture blocking the dualcomm. Nothing is being received at the atc i called dualcomm who dialled in snd ran diagnosis they asked me to remove the dial capture input i did and that freed up the dualcomm?
  7. Chopper81

    Irc Door Access, Anybody Use It?

    Is that legal? Im not sure it is doesnt each door along the fire route have to have a mechanical break of power to the locks i.e. i/o unit. I dont think the door release on fire can be software driven and remain compliant can it?
  8. Chopper81

    Galaxy Dimension Dial Capture Dualcomm

    Apologies I accidently posted this in the regs section but meant it for here. Subject is probably more suired to this section.
  9. Chopper81

    Px500 Swap Out Dualcomm Query

    Yeah I will be swapping out the data line for twisted pair its only a small retail outlet so nothing massive. Im just worried about messing the comms up. Its an oldschool dualcomm gprs model
  10. Hi Guys (and girls) Im swapping out a px500 for galaxy dimension. Ive no problem with programming the zones etc but the current px500 is connected to the dualcomm by the dial capture feature. This is something im not massively familiar with. Everytime ive used a communicator (digi dual redcare or emizon) ive done the programmed outputs to the pins on the communicator. How does the dial capture work? As it is at this moment in time the A and B terminals on the px500 are wired to the a and b terminals on the dualcomm, theres a plug on board on the dualcomm woth the phone line wired in and fire is signaling on pin 1. I assume that i just copy the existing with reagrs to galaxy a and b to dial capture on the redcare but do i need to change any settings on the galaxy i.e. format tele number etc or is all that done through the dualcom. Any help would be fantastic * dial capture on the dualcomm i meant
  11. Hi, Ive recently wrote off a px500 panel. Its decided we will swap it for a galaxy dimension simple enough however, the comms is currently via a dualcom on the dial capture input. Ive only ever used the pins connected to outputs on the panel. So, do i just run A and B terminals on the Galaxy to A and B on the dial capture dualcom inputs. Also is their any settings I need to alter on the galaxy? Any help would be muchos appreciated
  12. Chopper81

    Reactive Works

    Home safe and well. Received a call out to Merseyside upon my return and rejected it. As the dragons say Im Out
  13. Chopper81

    Xp95 Input/output Unit With Isolator

    You will probably have a cable connected to relay 1 n/c and comm that will be carrying either 12/24v or 0v to the mags breaking on fire.
  14. Chopper81

    Reactive Works

    Your attitude is the right one pal this wasnt planned im kinda stuck by circumstance
  15. Chopper81

    Reactive Works

    Ive done worse pal if i start dropping or feeling the effects i stop at the services for a couple of hours

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