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  1. RT @tombennett71: Absolutely fantastic poster outlining cognitive biases. This should be compulsory to study before studying anything else.…

  2. RT @CCNorfolkPolice: Wouldn't it be a good idea if all government departments approached these companies with a joined up message about pro…

  3. RT @sanjaygobind: Prime Minister Modi calls on Her Majesty the Queen https://t.co/C2Ib8oRJ4B via NMApp https://t.co/wz4WA1s4gA

  4. #BorderGatewayProtocol attacks https://t.co/g9T76v7An6

  5. RT @ProfFeynman: We need to teach how doubt is not to be feared but welcomed and discussed. It's OK to say, "I don't know." https://t.co/o8…

  6. #Teenage #FakeMed #Xanax Epidemic https://t.co/VGBp2Fy6Ce

  7. RT @Nikmehta33: Frustrated by articles like this. Diversity isn’t just about being morally correct. It’s also about profitability and effec…

  8. RT @MarkWarner: BIG: Mark #Zuckerberg just endorsed the bipartisan #HonestAds Act I introduced with @AmyKlobuchar & @SenJohnMcCain in front…

  9. RT @BBCSport: Andrew Flintoff says it's "absolute nonsense" that only three Australia players knew about the ball-tampering scandal.

  10. As with #Houseofcards #Amazon will probably use #datascience to help https://t.co/xwuG8haiA6

  11. #ArtificialInteligence @APPG_AI https://t.co/S5iWciudiX

  12. @NCA_UK is the link correct? or is the server overloaded? https://t.co/ZhLv9QM1dz

  13. RT @NCA_UK: Fraudsters will try every trick in the book... It only takes a few sensible, simple steps to protect yourself! Check out @act…

  14. #Volkswagen's #car 'graveyard' in #California https://t.co/RAUlqpyz9I #Emmisions #Scandal #Environmental

  15. #RIP The Gaffer https://t.co/6UBMFGj47I

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