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  1. "Look at it! That looks like it's been done with a knife and fork, by the council"

  2. The ideal engineer is a composite of many disciplines.

  3. Okay so, I'd better update my profile picture now the GOAT rides a Duke!

  4. Mozilla offers do-not-track tool to opt out of third-party tracking. http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-20029284-264.html?tag=nl.e415

  5. It seems CCTV in a cold warehouse was not bad enough. This week it's perimeter wonderex beams on a barn/stable!!!

  6. Alarms in hot lofts in summer, CCTV in cold warehouse's in winter. The live of a Installation Engineer!

    1. reidy


      tell me about it

    2. james.wilson


      Yep, used to be lighting in winter, lofts in summer. lol

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