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  1. nHi Peter thank you. You all like me VCL bobble hat with the beutifull setting of Immingham dock in the background vey romantic
  2. YO BRO!!

  3. Hiya all thank you for the warm welcome back nice to see James and dare I say Arfa =)) still on the forums
  4. Hi all have not used the forum for a while but loving the new look hope your all well. Garry
  5. I like all the new nock outs on the new dimension end station.
  6. Oh no you never did you. HIYA.
  7. I would of deffo gone for the plug on comms catching I found that a lot how many ccts are on the system you havent got any (WAIT FOR IT) splitters hiding in there have you. Do you have say cct 1A and 1B for example. Garry.
  8. If its a camera in a housing why not try a BOSCH L.T.C they have a built in menu driven lens wizard that is very very good and a quality image only close to the samsung we would use the samsung but the wizard on the bosch is great. Garry. http://www.sourcesecurity.com/new-products...h-ltc-0435.html
  9. A.D who owns Dedicated Micros now own Baxall and are still making and supporting Baxall products you might want give D.M a call they will point you in the right direction. http://www.sourcesecurity.com/news/article...41-ga.1581.html Regards. Garry.
  10. Allan we had a situation the same at the farther in laws 60th birthday BBQ a lady had a fall. She never really recoverd or felt well after it and eventually sadly she passed away. I will remember the letters and the tests for future referance but at my BBQs a lot of the lads end up falling down and carnt string a sentance together Great advice. .
  11. I would just like to add my two peneth. Yes the support is not good but what do you expect from box shifters. We use there NVT and for the price you can not beat it there 4 way tx and rx are great passive and powerd and there single balluns fit into the Vantage domes really nicely also managed to get past the problem on the DM range where its looking for a bang on 0 volts peak to peak we had an original 32 way rx hubb on 2 DS2s and we had to change it we used LJD and it was fantastic we have now heard NVT have now done a mod for the DM range and are going to do a swap for free. We have just fitted an Apolo and a Zeus there new range and the playback is awsome and the operation for the end user is miles easier than the old units all mouse driven yes you get a mouse with it and lots of nice features, you get what you pay for and I couldnt knock either of these units or there transmisson. Never judge a book by its cover. Anyway thats just me but have a nice christmas and a fantasic new year. Garry.
  12. Thank you guys for your helpfull replys. Have a great weekend. Garry.
  13. Hiya all. Triggers are not a problem but how do I doo my return do I have to put the resistors in the bell or at the RIO. Any help appreciated DUH!! Regards. Garry
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