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  1. I am looking for a quick sale of my 6 year old CCTV company (installation and maintenance) It is not specific to any location and would suit someone looking to get into the trade on a good footing. There is to much to go over but if your reading this and have at least £60k to spend on a ltd company with some nice assets and ideas then please PM me for further discussions. I am looking for a career change as I have lost my passion for CCTV and running the company. I just dont enjoy the type of work, for me getting rid of the company is more important than trying to wait it out to make money
  2. Hi Dean, Make sure you check the dates on the threads you are replying to, this one is 18 months old. Although so far your posts to old threads are valid and a useful addition, don't make posts expecting a reply from the origional topic starter
  3. The novelty will carry you through it for a year, but if theres 2 of you at least one can cover the other. One of the hardest things apart from getting the work and earning the money is shutting off from it. Lots of sleepless nights ahead Good luck, I know you have a lot of customers already, so I doubt you will find it too much bother.
  4. Are you sure?? I would have thought bellman would have fitted his own security system.
  5. Why you not call me? Would have done it cheaper for you
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