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  1. Hi buddy I could cover glasgow not a problem and Scotland if required. Cheers Rob
  2. Hi i would love to help both you guys out we are a Scottish based company in between Glasgow and Edinburgh and multi skilled in all aspects of the security industry. We look after some prestigious contracts at present and have done so for 18 years. Many Thanks Rob
  3. Hi see you have work nation wide we are a Scottish based company in between Glasgow and Edinburgh multi skilled in the elctronic security field. If you require any work or projects done in Scotland area I would be more than happy to help. Rob
  4. i would like to help but cant pm you for some reason but if you could contact me on xxxxxxx thats if my number doesnt get taken down i am sure we could come to some kind of arrangement
  5. hi there i could be interested thats what i am doing just now for sevral companies in england. i would like to talk further but cant pm you and my number will get taken down probably but here it is xxxxxxxxx. i hope to speak soon many thanks Rob
  6. hi my name is Rob just noticed your post there my company covers all aspects of the security industry and at present are covering contracts for many english companies from orkney islands to newcastle. if this is still of help to you please call me on xxxxx and we can talk further. if my number is removed is there another way of communication Many Thanks Rob
  7. hi if any your contracts in scotland i can help over 19yrs experience on all aspects of the industry and 12 yrs running my subcontracting company. many thanks rob
  8. hi mate could you send me a number to contact you on as i could be interested.I cover all aspects of the security industry and have 19years experience in the game at the highest level as well as running my own subcontracting company for 12 yrs
  9. hi just installed a fusionsea cctv kit but has come without the firmware disc can anyone help as i cant find a download anywhere
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