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  1. Anyone knows something that would have alarm inputs and send alarms to email addresses? IP and would fit inside alarm panel. Thnx
  2. its a new blue rio i think, not 100% sure now i had fiew here, cant remember which one i picked up. I have spoke to guy from honeywell and he said that there is not been many faults with portals, but i might be unlucky and have faulty one. Supplier have agreed to give me new portal with latest firmware, fingers crossed that that will cure my problems.
  3. its in side a minute, not sure how many seconds. log dosent show seconds. whats involved updating portal firmware? i phoned tech support, he told me to delete everything and start adding detectors one at the time, just to see when jam pops up again. system was running fine first 24h and after adding boxed rio in garage then problems started. rf100 v3.00 ch1 noise0,ch2 noise0. and no warnings. i switched off 4g router and still rf jams poped up. house is not finished and its empty there is no microwave signals and no nabers in 300m radius. fitted flex 20 with 3x contact/viper+ wireless smoke detector, then boxed rio, 30m away from house. need to get this sorted and that would be my last flex install lol.
  4. reading some older posts, looks like other people had problems when fitted portal and rio on flex. and thinking back i think that thats what happened. First day everything was ok, second day i connected rio in garage and thats when rf jam's started. Good that i have spare cables to garage, might need to get some one to connect some zones straight back to panel.
  5. I have installed flex20 3weeks ago and after day2 have a loads of rf100 jam's. Something is jamming portal, moved to to different location and its just same. Problem is that site is in other country. is there any way i can sort that firmware problem over network? i have gx remote control access to site. Or i can send them new portal with new firmware and return that for warranty? flex20 is 3.18, portal is V 3.00. i have another site with G3 v6.84 and portal v2.11 and working very well, no problems at all. thnx M
  6. Hi all, We are looking for Security Sub-Contrator's in Glasgow/Edinburgh area. Access control, Intruder alarm, IP CCTV. Anyone intrested send me PM.
  7. i have this ones http://www.ladders-o...Classic-Version 5 rung classic version.They r great, but if u really need to extend them all the way up then they r a bit bounci and they bend, so if u look at them from the side it looks like they about to snap.25KG to carry around, not the lightest. I hardly need ladders this days but still good to have them in a car. Most building sites require podium steps now or if in real hurry then they might let u use your stepladders Had this ones over 3 years now. Will buy little giant pro next time, if i ever need to buy new ones.
  8. I have 2.2 Tdci mondeo estate, average is 43mpg. on a long run i can get up to 51mpg. Its all depends how u drive your car. If im not in hurry i usually dont drive faster then 65mph. Ladders and steps are inside the car back sit down, fitts in nicely. And i use lot of engine breaking that saves fuel aswell. All this higher vans have big wind resistance, u need to get something lower like astra van or something like that. Im sure they will be more economical.
  9. Emizon says its plug and play but on some sites u need to give emizon ip aadress and open tcp outbound ports 18000-18049. usually IT on site deals with that.
  10. thats why i dont like to use ir domes any more. every time it rains u can see rain spots when ir is on. use camera with sun shield!!
  11. We only use Emizon now. so far works well. Connects to site broadband and uses GSM card that pics network that has strongest signal. On galaxy connects to AB line or u can use out puts. Even remote dial in is availible, so thats the next thing i would like to try out, not done that yet.
  12. Hey. im using linux and i had same problem. there is a program called virtual box that will allow install windows on mac and linux. so what u need to too is u install virtual box on your mac then install windows on it and u can use all windows programms like before Works nice on my ubuntu 11.10. more info here http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/guide/windows
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