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  1. Hi i have just finished surveying high street company for extra intruder and cctv equipment and am now looking for more contract work locally.i am based in holmfirth and have experience in install/service and repair of intruder.fire cctv and access control systems from domestic applications right up to multi national companies.would appreciate it if you could contact me with details.

  2. Hi I am currently looking for sub contract work i have worked in the fire and security industry for 12 years covering most things, i am now self employed (12 months ) and have carried quite a few extremley large projects for various companies around the country.I have 5 engineers who have also worked within the industry for 10 years +. Please give me a call 07999 494922 Craig( Fire Prevent ).

  3. i use a product called service life has install, service, visits, callouts, invoices with sage, quotes schedules sections and some more does most of the things i require icluding the 4hr tracking We have used this for about 4 years now can be bought outright sales or on a yearly contract
  4. best of luck hope it goes well regards mark
  5. hi there have used the product a for a couple of systems stopped using them after a fallout over a faulty unit. found the service team is not the best. They have another system under a Coel badge and when that when faulty i had to deal with the manufactures in italy as ACH wouldnt get involved in the end it was replaced for a gibidi Now use faac and will not go back in my opion the extra cost is worth it.
  6. I would charge for this its your time that is being used just becouse the fault had nothing to do with the alarm system you have every reason to charge. we got called out to the same thing last week i was covering call for an engineer when a customer on contract phoned at 8.00 explaining that they could not turn the alarm system off and that we had to attend straight away. i phoned an engineer told them to go straight there instead of coming into the office. customer had phoned 6 times asking why we where taking so long when he got there he had great delight in pointing out it was the interlinked smoke detectors causing the problems. then the customer said do we have a callout charge for this. he had pleasure in saying yes
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