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  1. Yes Teacher ! Sorry if my english is not good, but I just arrived from Africa on a boat and I did not have time to study... Feel free to correct the wrong sentences using your red pen, teacher …
  2. Is it physically possible that the microwaves crossing the wall generate a false alarm for only half of the room crossed, not causing problems in the other half ?
  3. I have a Flir E6 - EX and unfortunately thermal cameras can't see through walls. TI can see differences in the temperatures in buildings and structures. So you can see wall studs, window frames, a/c ducts, etc. These cameras only “see” heat as it radiates off of an object. It may “see” the heat coming from a house, but it can’t see into the house because the camera picks up the house’s exterior thermal image first. In fact, the thermal imaging doesn’t even see through glass because the glass has its own thermal profile.
  4. Simple curiosity: I knew that microwaves up to a certain frequency (10ghz?) could cross walls and generate false alarms. I wanted to know whether other types of sensors, such as ultrasonic detectors or other technology, could also be affected.
  5. As a title, what are the technologies of alarm sensors that can detect movement through walls? From what I know are only those who use microwave technology up to 10 Ghz. Any indication in this regard is welcome.
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