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  1. steve121

    Hive and ring

    Good for checking in on the dogs at home!!
  2. steve121

    Monitoring Regulations Query

    Installers tend to hold the contract for monitoring with the ARC as most ARC'swill not deal with end users. We receive reports from our ARC if a system fails to poll for an extended amount of time, then it is on us to report this to the client. Ask you installer to consider moving the signalling to IP/3G. If no Internet then you can get dual 3G/3G .For the installer all comms are covered within the annual cost so no surprise phone bills.
  3. Hi, we are an SSAIB approved installer of Alarms, Access Control & CCTV Systems based in Berkshire. I am looking for an additional service/installation engineer to join our team. If you are interested please message
  4. How about using Paxton's alarm integration to set/unset the alarm? one fob problem solved. https://www.paxton.co.uk/docs/Application notes/AN1035.pdf
  5. steve121

    Pricing £

    Day rate is the way IMO £350 per day
  6. This should be a good proposition for installers who are not as good on the marketing side of things. Good luck.
  7. steve121

    CRM systems

    Thank you for that link.
  8. steve121

    CRM systems

    Hi Everyone What CRM systems are installers using? we have been using Alarm Master but to be honest I am finding it very painful. Looking for a system that manages every thing from the sales lead to the stock ordering, invoicing, PPM planning and jobsheets.

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