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  1. I once drilled into a dead rat that was stuck in a cavity wall.
  2. I'm not entirely sure what the deal was with Coopers. I think Regalsafe was bought by JSB, who were in turn bought by Coopers. I think there was some idea that JSB/Regalsafe would become some kind of DIY alarm brand, but it never really happened. At some point, the support and equipment was transferred to Bentleys. The RS125 and 64 are still available to buy from KJ Bentley. I think that they said some time back that the Regalsafe range would not be updated at all - and this was some years ago, certainly pre-DD243. I know some engineers that think RS is the cat's pyjamas - I'm pretty ambivalent toward them. I find them overpriced and over complicated; I also think that membrane keypads are 80s technology. In any case, we are talking about pre-dd243 panels. About the only thing you can do with them today is Grade 1 them for bells-only customers that don't mind forking out a bit.
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