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  1. Hope someone can clear this up for me. I have recenctly been told that duct grade cable (cat5 in my case) can not be run inside a building for more than 3 metres. As it enters a building it must be joined onto normal cable. This I am told is due to the toxic fumes the cable gives off in the event of it burning. I find the cable is so much better to use for CCTV in factories and other commercial building types. With this new info though I won't use it inside for anything. Has anyone ever been pulled up on this?
  2. I would opt for a good automatic external lighting setup. Ptz's only with door contacts and external beams or statics with analytics for detection.
  3. I detest wireless intruder alarms. It's a shame many new engineers are not having the opportunity to learn how to wire systems in all the different building types and environments many of us have been used to over the years. I came across a scantronic radio system last month. A rear fire door was being taken out and replaced by builders. I was to disconnect the contact and fit on new door. I was late onsite and the builders had already finished and taken the door away. The panel showed no response to it disappearing!
  4. Must be 20 years since I was last latching PIR's. Good days though.
  5. I agree Texecom may be best for you as won't need to change any network cabling. I am a big Galaxy fan but think Texecom (premier) is always a preferred option for domestic installs. Excellent choice of keypads as well. If you stick with a Galaxy the Dimension series will support cat5 for the network if that helps.
  6. justin

    Led Floodlights

    Had good results from some 50w models made by diamond lighting.
  7. Manufacturers will state battery first because they don't want to be liable for mains voltage to be present while your hands are inside the panel. The expect battery to be connected, panel lid secured and then fuse to be inserted in spur.
  8. I have heard you can get digital modulators for around
  9. Q's Alien Pro has ARC monitoring dosn't it? or so they say. Anyone know of any ARC that caters for this.
  10. Spare zone at panel or expander would be best if poss.
  11. Sockets must be 3m from zone 1 (edge of the bath) and protected by 30ma RCD. Not allowed in my house though. Never.
  12. Yes. I would generally practice the opposite. Cat 5 for long and coax for short. Strange but, I still feel like i'm cheating using cat 5 but it it works so well for us, sending the alarm back on the same cable and data down on another pair. Normally stick an active hub in to amp all the pictures to the correct level.
  13. Very good idea. Thanks for your help. I will use a netgear wireless router for the Fastrace and supply a usb dongle for the second PC. Will be faster aswell being local. It does pay to ask.
  14. Sorry. What I mean is the fastrace is on it's own dedicated seperate ADSL connection in a rack. Now, from another ADSL network in the same building ie the clients say 5 x pc's, they will effectivly be connecting remotely. From what I understand this will only work from 1 of those PC's. I might need the ex Adpro tech guy on here to clear this up.
  15. Adpro Fastrace is the only DVR I have ever come across that needs the ports forwarding at the viewing end as well as the site. If you have managed to get 2 PC's with different local addresses to view the same Fastrace on the same network then I must speak to Adpro tech guy again as they inform me it is not possible. Yeh. Do you have any suggestions of which mux and keyboard to use. I will be using pelco P 9600 protacol.
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