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Connector on Pyronix Digi-GPRS

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The Connector is a MMCX

Same as a dualcom or new RC Essential antenna connector

Usual problem your siganal must be alot better in the other position as an extension lead will drop a good percentage of the gained signal

have you tried a dualcom antenna, longer lead on an antenna always will beat a plugged extension.


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Thanks Barnsnake


Actually managed to get hold of CSL who make the units for Pyronix who told me they were a MMCX. I meant to come back here and reply. They do a High Gain external antena just in case anyone needs one. I've purchased an extension for the time being which has given me 2 bars of signal instead of 1, but I'm still having issues logging in. I can log in on the app fine, but when trying to use the desktop software it connect, but seems to fail trying to open the socket.

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