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Texe prem elite 48 - no ats fault not clearing after small signal drop out and restore


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Anyone with any idea. 

Firm 4.2 


small drop out in gsm speech dialler - l/m obviously had 12+ applied bringing up no ats fault controlled through the speech dialler fault relay. 

Gsm speech dialler restored within a minute (checked the dialler log) Checked l/m terminal and confirmed no 12v+

performed engineer reset and ats fault won’t clear. 

double checked all com ports - no digi fitted. No dual comm fitted. Com one and two unused etc. 

speech dialler using digi outputs. 

Had to down power panel to clear fault. 

panel is in a remote barn no pstn line option so has to be gsm and customer insistent on knowing if there is a gsm fault. 

no spare zones in panel so have to use the l/m terminal. 

any ideas? Called texe support but wasn’t any real help. Told me to program com one as a 2400 come out eng go back in and change to unfitted but didn’t help at all. 


thanks again 

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Hope it doesn't do it again...?

There is no guarantees it was the LM terminal and even so maybe testing it didn't show voltage that was there. Is everything powered from the panel so LM is at the same potential?

It could be something daft with the panel or the dialler to be fair. I would remove all the dialler wiring and then try reset if it did it again that will prove the panel not dailler.


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