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  1. Anyone with any idea. Firm 4.2 small drop out in gsm speech dialler - l/m obviously had 12+ applied bringing up no ats fault controlled through the speech dialler fault relay. Gsm speech dialler restored within a minute (checked the dialler log) Checked l/m terminal and confirmed no 12v+ performed engineer reset and ats fault won’t clear. double checked all com ports - no digi fitted. No dual comm fitted. Com one and two unused etc. speech dialler using digi outputs. Had to down power panel to clear fault. panel is in a remote barn no pstn line option so has to be gsm and customer insistent on knowing if there is a gsm fault. no spare zones in panel so have to use the l/m terminal. any ideas? Called texe support but wasn’t any real help. Told me to program com one as a 2400 come out eng go back in and change to unfitted but didn’t help at all. thanks again
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