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Brian c

Isdn Lines

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I've been given a load of ISDN to PSTN modules to fit. The programming form tells me to use a touchphone to program the MSN number (I have all the relevant MSN numbers).

On the module there is a rj45 and a rj11 connector. rj11 obviously for analogue line and programming. It's a 12V module and needs to be powered (but not connected to ISDN)to program it.

So, I powered it and connected a household touchphone that I know was working(I don't have a block phone at the moment), and was unable to program it or get tones from phone. I then tried with a powered phone that did produce tones, but was still unable to program the MSN number (it should produce a confirmation tone). I also treid another module.

Anyway, a few questions;

Does anybody know if I need a test phone to program this or should any tone phone work?

Also, what is a MSN number (what does it stand for)?

How many MSN number can be used on a ISDN line(is it one on each 64k line)?

Thanks in advance


If you don't know......ask.

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