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Outdoor Dt And Indoor Glassbreak

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Hi, everybody.

I have several doubts, some very technically specific, about my home intrusion alarm. I appreciate any help, even if not in all questions.

Thank you all.


I have an Ademco-Microtech Galaxy 16plus 8 zones control panel and a RIO expansion, 8 more zones. 12 zones are occupied with Dual Technology detectors (DT).


1) In the 4 available zones I want to install pet immune outdoor detectors (2 german shepherd dogs). Any recommended reliable, with big dogs?
I'm considering the RISCO Rokonet WatchOut Extreme DT. Is it good?

I would buy it from a british seller (I'm from Portugal) and the detectors there work in the frequency of 10.588GHz and in Portugal they work in 10.525GHz. Is there any practical implication of the different frequencies?

2) Can I use the same wires that go to each of the 12 DT that I have to install 12 glass break detectors (GB), in series, side by side? The cable that goes to the DT is a 2x0,50+4x0,22 millimeters (ml) and the farthest DT must be 30 meters away from the control panel. I think the 0,50 ml section wires are those that carry the electricity. Will the wires handle the one extra GB?

Or will I have to use a second cable to the new GB? If so, can I connect the two cables (the existing one plus the new to the GB) in the same zone of the control panel?


3) I read somewhere that the GB don't work with all glass types. Do they work with double glass windows?



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I would be careful using any DT product that does not confirm to local frequencies.


Especially where you are you could end up with a military knock on the door...


Also, I believe that Breakglass detectors are pretty rubbish on double glazing?

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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