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Tunstall Audio Entry Replacement


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Hi guys.

Hopefully somebody can help. I've had a client with several residential sites enquire about the replacement of Tunstall equipment, they seem pretty desperate to get away from this equipment but i'm really struggling to find an adiquate replacement.

I need the main door unit to have a keypad with large buttons for residents with arthritis, the internal unit needs to be 'hands free' (no hand set) but also with a large button to answer and to release the entry door. Ideally these units wiil also need to be adapted to use with a pendant worn around their necks. 

This is everything that the current equipment does so i'm hoping one of you wonderful guys know of something. PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSEEE  :proud: XXX


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The setup you are describing soubds like a communicall/vision combined warden call/door entry system. Do they still need the warden call facility? To keep the pendants you would need to fit a warden call system which is quite a limited range, tynetech, chubb, tunstall or entrotec had a go but i think they abandoned the project. You may need to leave the tunstall equipment in situ and recable and fit new standalone equipment alongside if you cant source a combined system. Tbh its a steep learning curve and a life critical safety system so if you are not familiar and not looking to move into that market sector i'd leave it or give them a **** off price and subby it if you win.

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